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We have been talking about this for some time and now it's happening. We embrace the DIY Philosophy and we actually live it every day. It is how betahaus occurred: we wanted a special working-space but couldn't afford to buy it or it wasn't on the market yet.  So we just did it ourselves.

In April 2010 we have opened up the ODC where people can try things out and create stuff . ODC-Citizens can show each other how tools work as in peer-to-peer education or we should rather call it amateur-to-amateur education. They say knowledge workers are in need of  more hands-on activities,  so why not build a new fancy lampshade or a better storage for fresh herbs?

On the 24th of July from 2pm-7pm you will find a great setting to let your creativity and inventiveness run wild @ OpenDesignCity Market in betahaus.

Albinoplast will join the ODC-Market. On the “Plastic Playground” they will provide you with enough stones to build everything from rabbits to bridges out of white plastic bricks. You can either buy the material and take your own creation home, set a price for your creation and sell it or buy an already built plastic bricks product at the Albinoplast stand.

We have built the first 'Hanging Gardens' on the of July at the Betahaus Hamburg opening event. Bring some empty Volvic water bottles along and Lisa and Ana will show you how you can decorate your kitchen with the new herbs recipients.

They can be hanging right next to your starch  plastic lampshade - which you can learn to make from your favourite vintage pullover in a workshop with Christopher Doering and Jay Cousins.

Original Brazilian Caipirinha made by Zena, funky disco beats made by our Italian guest DJ and the hot summer weather are just 3 reasons why you should spend the next Saturday afternoon at betahaus.

As the WMP! is on summer vacation fashion & design sellers are welcome to sell their clothes and products. Contact:

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  1. 45 Nadja 21.07.2010 11:42

    hey super!!! the starch plastic workshop, when does it start exactly? Or are the workshops running simultaneously?

  2. 46 bausteln > Open Design City Market 22.07.2010 15:08

    [...] Am kommenden Samstag (24. Juli) findet in der Open Design City in Berlin (Prinzessinnenstraße 19–20) der erste (passend benannte) Open Design City Market statt. Es gibt noch Platz für Verkaufsstände für kreative DIY-Waren und Kleidung. Anmeldung unter Mehr Infos: Ankündigung im ODC-Blog. [...]

  3. 47 bausteln > Der Twitter-Wochenrückblick 2010-07-24 24.07.2010 22:05

    [...] kommt noch, aber schon mal der Hinweis auf den Open Design City Market am Sonnabend:⁄07/19⁄365/ [...]

  4. 48 daniela marzavan 26.07.2010 13:21

    Hey Nadja- everything was simultaneously and we had lots of fun! This is why we want to do this every month! The next ODC-Market will probably be on Sept. 4th. Stay tuned for more Information.See you there!

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