A visit to the Swap Shop!

Here comes a small sneak peak into the Swap Shop! The last days there was more than a 100 items swapped in the shop! Visitors exchanged their time and knowledge for items and the other way around, cooked a tasty dinner in the food swap, exchanged plants on the green Monday and brainstormed about alternative economies. The swap shop is open until Sunday, you find us in the contemporary art festival Survival Kit in Riga, Latvia.

Some examples of swaps:

  • a performance of the oasis song wonder wall in exchange for a metal tie
  • a spanish lesson in exchange for a gas mask
  • a spaceship (built in the workshop of the swap shop) in exchange for a  jackie chan movie
  • a keyboard in exchange for a washing board
  • an eraser for a cactus
  • the advice “how to end a relationship without drama” in exchange for a Hawaii shirt

Some good advices from our visitors! 

Soon more advices will follow in vimeo… keep your eyes open and get ready to swap!

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