Baustelbar #3

Thanks to everyone who came to Baustelbar in March and participated in the Berliner Hocker workshop with Le Van Bo! We continue this Thursday with Baustelbar #3:

Baustelbar is a night of short presentations, show and tell workshops and social interaction, once a month at betahaus Berlin (Café and Open Design City).


19 h: Come in, have a beer, interact at the bazaar
20 h: Introduction of all projects, four short presentations (10 mins each)
21 h: More beer, more interaction, workshops



The presentation slots will be filled at the beginning of the event, barcamp-style. Talk about your project, either finished, in progress or planned or enlighten us about your work related to ODC's areas of interest, such as tinkering/hacking, creativity, upcycling, crafts and arts, open design etc.

The bazaar will be your show and tell area with lots of tables. Show your project, invite spectators to become active or build something during the night. Tables will be given to anyone interested. (Make sure you arrive at 18 h for setup.)

Of course, you can be both a speaker and have a bazaar table at Baustelbar, so you can talk about the ideas and specifics of your projects in front of the audience first and then invite people to have a closer look.

If you are shy, it's okay to just be a spectator. There will always be a next time for your to present. :)

If you already know that you want to talk and/or show your project, please let us now so we can plan ahead: Send Philip an e-mail at If you can't make it on the 21st but would love to do something the next time, let us know as well.

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