Design Smash Event

From idea to object in one night...

If you like Open Design City, you will love this event:

The horn blows and a group of designers throw back a stiff drink before
plunging into  work. They are producing a laser-cut object... a design
that will hit the shelves in under a week. They have 4 hours to
accomplish this outrageous task, but amongst the designers are some of
the most talented people in the design and architecture world. Over the
course of one night,  they smash out a design as you party around them.
At the end of the night, you decide who gets the biggest prize and the
pieces are produced in front of you... on-the-spot.

Welcome to DesignSmash.

Berlin, London, Utrecht...

far, we are running simultaneous events in Berlin, London and Utrecht
on Saturday the 20th of November. Events will be linked live to each
other during the course of the evening and the audience will get to see
the entire process of design - from idea to object - happen in front of

Saturday November 20, 5 pm – 12am

London E2 7DJ

Musical score curated by DJ Origami will
set the tone as designers execute their concepts. Food and drinks made
available by our hosts CAFEAND will keep you company and there will be
plenty of other ways to get into the design process yourselves.

designers at this event occupy professional roles in many of the worlds
most influential Design institutions and architectural offices.

RSVP to the London event on Facebook.

Our Partners:
CAFEAND, ES Technology, Etsy, NOUS Gallery, Nous 4M,Jovoto

snake ‘n’ tiger
(Berlin/Techno) will get you in the right mood to design and dance.
There is also free T-shirt screen printing between 6 and 8pm (BYO
T-shirt) run by Open Design City and other cool things to do during the event so come early to capitalise.

as designers will be a number of rising stars in the Berlin creative
scene, as well as select people from major players in the open-design

Saturday November 20, 6pm-3am

Betahaus Cafe Berlin
Prinzessinnenstr. 19-20
10969 Berlin

RSVP to the Berlin event on Facebook.

Our Partners:
betahaus, Etsy, lasern., modulor, Open Design City, Create Berlin, Jovoto

We are also having a satellite event in Utrecht with  ProtoSpace Please contact Anu Määttä <> if you would like to join in at this event or RSVP on Facebook


ProtoSpace (FabLab Utrecht)
Nijverheidsweg 16B
3534 AM Utrecht

Our Partners:
Etsy, Jovoto, Stichting ProtoSpace

... so really, what is DesignSmash?

is a company for designers, producers and all-round smart people who
support ‘creative commons’ and the freedom of creative collaboration.
DesignSmash has a web-store where
you can purchase work and look up the designer who made it. We also
offer an open-source file-sharing platform for the exchange of design

all have moments in our lives that are more energetic, productive and
inspired than others. When you design for us, we help you get the most
out of your time, so that the potential of an idea becomes apparent
very quickly.

we hold DesignSmash events we do so simultaneously in different places
around the world. This gives us the opportunity to share our files
across locations so that each group of designers gets to see the work
and techniques of those in other countries.

Twitter @DesignSmash_

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