Future of energy: making a DIY-stirling engine

On Thursday evening we will make a DIY-Stirling-Engine out of tins, wire,  balloons and old CDs, following this  How-To I found in the internet. The engine will be powered by a candle and by ice. I haven´t build it myself yet, I don´t know how difficult it is to make it run,  so this is an experimental collaborative exploration, and it will be fun!! So far we have some tins, ballons, high-temperature-silicone, a few CDs, wire, tools, if you bring more tins ( beans, softdrinks, beer) and CDs this would be cool. The fee will be 10€ for non-members, and free for members (just need to cover expenditures of about 25€, the rest would go to the space) The vision for the futureof independent energysupply: developping a mobile lightweight stirling-engine to produce electricity based on creative commons license which powers your mobilephone/ PDA or basic electronic goods in remote disconnected areas in the world. The engine could be desktop-manufactured with the CNC-machines we have in the ODC and all over other places which have  CNC-machines....

are you in? greetings: christophe

See you on thursday. Here is explained how it works

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