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Do you have an idea that you don't know how to make? You lack the expertise, experience or ability? Then why not contact us? We have access to a community of experts, and amateurs, who can cover every aspect of a project from programming, to video, metal work to textiles, electronics to plastics. We'll link you with the people who can make it happen, so you can bring your idea into reality.

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  1. 835 Inés Lauber 01.08.2011 17:33

    Hi Jay,
    I'm a product designer studying in my final year, working on my final project. My project consists merely of many small projects each with its own little aspect of material and requirement. one of these projects in the project will be a chandelier. (It will be the first light i ever design ...!) this chandelier will have a body of metal circels, which need to be welded together and little halogen light bulbs need to be put inside. Since i'm not very experienced working neither with metal nor with light, i turn to the ODC, asking if there is somebody out there who could support me realising the chandelier?
    thank you very much in advance. inés

  2. 977 Tony Vazquez 25.08.2011 23:08


    I was wondering when was the next tour, in english, of the premises. I would like to attend.

  3. 981 Gretchen Maynard-Hahn 28.10.2011 09:34

    I will be moving to Berlin from  Munich in the next couple of weeks. Here at the Haus der Eigenarbeit I am cutting wood to carve marionettes.
    I have heard a bit about the ODC and from what I understand, there are only hand tools available? Is there anyone there who could put me in touch with someone who has a more extensive wood shop? I suppose I need a circular saw, planer, band saw, drechsel, and drill press. Anything will help though!
    Thanks a lot,

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