Open Design Christmas Part 1

scary doll body part christmas tree
Image by Brandon Cirillo via Flickr

After a vivid and comical brainstorming, the ideas for an Open Design Christmas blossomed. With everything from laser etched greetings wurst, to barbed wire tinsel, to cradle to cradle Christmas Trees.

The full list can be found here

We decided that the best next steps were to have a maker day, where everyone brings the projects that they'd be interested to do and start making together. We can then establish instructions, market demand and above have fun doing it.

So if you want to get involved with these ideas, step up (put your name on the pad next to what you wish to do), or add your own. Come along on Saturday 20th November, play innovate, experiment and share. We'll then schedule events to share the outcomes and either hijack a Christmas Market or make our own.

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