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Forgive me for the sin of not blogging nearly enough. Being the advocates of the real world that we are, sometimes makes it a challenge to sit down at a computer and go through the process of documenting all that has happened.

The last 2 weeks have been an bustle of activity and productivity, I'll do my best to summarise for those who couldn't attend. However the best way to know what happened, is and always shall be to have been there. So we hope this inspires you tojoin in come collaborate on our next maker sprints and activities to bring this great cityscape into being.

Making the city, 13th May

A great number of people turned up and contributed constructing the emotional, physical and financial framework of the city.

Palomar5 rocked up, with autonomous spirit requiring no coaxing out of it's box. A tools cupboard was hacked together, complete with wheels, as were a range of movable storage and display solutions.

Others soon got in on the fun making arrows to point to the tools, and hustling up a range of letters to create a beautiful sign that will remain forever in beta.

People began to engage in coming up with workshops they'd like to attend and activities they'd like to participate in. A discussion we hope will continue, and one that will manifest itself in events soon to come.

There was a great energy in the air, one which we hope to recreate regularly in the space, as such activity itself movitates energises and inspires.

DMY Maker Lab preparation weekend, 15-16 May

The DMY Maker Lab is an event we haven't yet told you nearly enough about. It is the event that was intended to spawn the Open Design City in it's wake. But the pre event ripples where enough in this pool of desire for ODC to manifest.

The preparation event was part planning (not too much), and then plenty building and exploring each others processes and ideas to create seed products to allow people to engage with open design at the start of the event.

I will put a link in here soon to tell you all about this - Promise.

We are now meeting every Sunday at ODC from12.30 to continue these developments, bring food to share and come with a spirit to make, share, learn and teach.

Cook your own Wallet workshop, 20th May

In response to an experiment to see if we could stitch bioplastic, demand for bioplastic wallets quickly escalated in Betahaus last week. Rather than go into production we thought we'd give interested parties the opportunity to make their own and raise some donations for ODC. Peter Bihrs write up of the event can be found here.

After materials, 60 Euros was raised from the 7 participants, which we think is a respectable start. Plus 3 participants got to take away their very own, individual, tailor made beta project.

We hope they'll keep reiterating their products, and continue to enjoy the pleasures of personalised manufacturing.

All in a good start. There is much to do, and more to report.

Please join in the discussion on things to make and do @

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