OpenSimSim meets Open Design City

Join our Open Source Design camp (MINI-MAKERLAB) at Betahaus Berlin on Sunday 15.08.2010 from 3pm until 8pm

Please bring along a household article that you have at least 3months in your flat already but that you actually do not need anymore. We will use it in our Makerlab so please don´t expect that you will take it back home again. The household article can be anything soft, hard, big, shiny, tiny, round, eatable, playful, kitch, electronic - No restrictions apply.

OpenSimSim is a new open source design network that will develop Design with the help of the web2.0 community which can actively
participate in the design process through a commenting and sharing interface on the internet.
The first outcomes of the beta version will be exhibited at the  official program of the Venice Architecture Biennale 2010.

Open Design City
Open Design City is a space that encourages the sharing of tools, knowledge,
ideas and skills. It is a space to explore the principles of Open Design.

POD Design
During the Biennale an augmented reality
installation will allow the visitors to comment on the
first pod prototypes that developed during the beta phase.

A pod is an intelligent unit within a flat or house that contains
all infrastructure that supports the resident.
The infrastructure can include the kitchen, bathroom or any other
appliances needed such as internet interfaces or recycling units.

Open Source Design Camp
On Sunday we invite everyone who is interested in developing
the POD ideas together with Berlin based design studio anOtherArchitect
and the OpenDesignCity crew.

Come along and become an active member of the Open Source design
of the open-pod and be part of the official program of the
12th Architectural Biennale curated by Kazuyo Sejima.

Experience and be part of the experiment to implement the Open Source
idea in architectural design! The results will be displayed in Venice.

You will get the unique chance to play around with the tools and materials
developed and stored in the ODC workshop.

The camp is open to architects, designers, geeks, eco freaks, gardeners,
chefs, writers, chemists, thinkers, DIY freaks, water experts, tailors,
home owners, pet lovers, plumbers, film makers and everyone else.

We will film the event and the documentation will be screened
at the Biennale in Venice as well. So get out your Sunday dresses and join us.

If you can not join us this Sunday you still have the chance to join the Open Source Design process online at:

More info on the development of the Open-Pod design here:

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