ODC Course: Skirt and Shirt

Skirt and Shirt - klassische Schnittgestaltung (nach Maß) und ihre kreative Weiterentwicklung

Inhalt dieses Kurses ist zunächst die klassische Grundschnittkonstruktion des Rocks oder des Herrenhemds auf eigene Maße.
Danach beschäftigen wir uns mit Möglichkeiten der Weiterentwicklung in ein Modell- auf der Grundlage des Schnitts können individuell z.B. Drapierungen und vielfältige kreative Ideen ausprobiert werden.

Zuletzt wird der Modellschnitt aus einem Probestoff genäht, um seine Passform zu kontrollieren und zu optimieren.

Für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene - keine Vorkenntnisse notwendig.

Jeder TN sollte folgendes mitbringen:

  • (Druck-)bleistift, Stifte, Radiergummi, großes Geodreieck (32cm), Papier-/Stoffschere, Maßband, Kreppband (Malerklebeband schmal), Stecknadeln, Nähgarn
  • Probestoff (also billiger Stoff, mit dem die Passform des Schnitts ausprobiert werden kann) ca. 1-2 Meter je nach Modell
  • möglichst auch: Schnitträdchen, Kurvenlineale

Termine: Dienstag Abend, 19 - 22 Uhr (5 Termine à 3 Stunden)

  • 23. November 2010
  • 30. November 2010
  • 7. Dezember 2010
  • 14. Dezember 2010
  • 21. Dezember 2010

Verbindliche Anmeldung (maximal 6 Teilnehmer).

Der Workshop kostet 30 € pro Termin für Nichtmitglieder, 20 € für Mitglieder.

Ein Einstieg ist noch bis zum 3. Termin am 7. Dezember möglich.

Enable Session VIII: Designing Future Housing (Life Edited)

Ever wondered how houses might be looking like in the future? Do you have some great ideas about how to reduce our energy waste and environmental impact? Do you know about the latest designs, technology discoveries or strategies that will allow us to live a better life?

We are doing a session on future apartments and house design. At the same time, taking the opportunity to present the concepts to the contest presented by Graham Hill (Treehugger) at Jovoto: Live Edited.

A great opportunity to research in things that matter to us, and get some cash* on the side!

House like a Tree by William McDonough + Partners

At our next session we will run a design thinking process on the Brief to find out concepts that are Human Centred and offer a real difference to us and our environment. And, although we want to do it around Graham's brief, we do not want to be restricted by it, we really want to find the greatest concepts for a better living. Continue reading →
We are already collecting inspirations, so if you know something that might help on the topic, please send it to us, we will share it with all the participants!

If you are interested in the topic and want to come to our next session, please send us an email to enableberlin (at) gmail (dot) com. (for this session we need to know in advance who is coming) and come to Session VIII, Wednesday 17th of December at 19:30, in Open Design City.

Liebe Grusse

*Everybody that wants to take the concepts forward and submit proposals to Jovoto is very welcome to do so, either as individuals or teaming up with other participants.
What we ask is that if you win, you will give a share to every participants, and another share to Enable Berlin so that we can continue to develop this platform.

** If you would like to see how we did it in our last session check Enable Berlin Session VI

Open Design Christmas Part 1

scary doll body part christmas tree
Image by Brandon Cirillo via Flickr

After a vivid and comical brainstorming, the ideas for an Open Design Christmas blossomed. With everything from laser etched greetings wurst, to barbed wire tinsel, to cradle to cradle Christmas Trees.

The full list can be found here

We decided that the best next steps were to have a maker day, where everyone brings the projects that they'd be interested to do and start making together. We can then establish instructions, market demand and above have fun doing it.

So if you want to get involved with these ideas, step up (put your name on the pad next to what you wish to do), or add your own. Come along on Saturday 20th November, play innovate, experiment and share. We'll then schedule events to share the outcomes and either hijack a Christmas Market or make our own.

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basic sewing - the output

[gallery link="file" orderby="title"]

Last weeks ODC Basic sewing workshop was fun and quite successfully completed. All participants managed to operate one of the three present sewing machines and produced a little gadget sleeve each.

Two hours time for the session were just sufficient to choose from a selection of fabrics, make the pattern, getting to know the characteristics of a sewing machine, overcoming frustration due to initial resistance of it towards their new operators and finally to hold in one hands the shining result! Unfortunately there was no time to take pictures for the documentation of this engaging process. All visual proof we can deliver are the pictures of two outcomes above this post, taken in the last minute.

As requested during this session there might be an ODC Basic workshop introducing to knitting soon. Would anyone else be interested in that? Furthermore there will be the chance to deepen your sewing skills at the ODC any time, using the ODC sewing machine. I will be happy to assist if I happen to be around!

Best! Semi

GRL Germany Workshop #2 - build your own infrared pen

SUNDAY 28. November 2010 / 15:00 to 18:00 h

ODC Workshop: GRL Germany Workshop #2 - build your own infrared pen / bombIR

Following up on our last workshop, we will be discussing and building the bombIR project developed by GRL Canada.

[caption id="attachment_1077" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="GRL_CA showing bombIR prototype at Under Pressure Graf Festival, Montreal"][/caption]

bombIR is a scaleable drawing application built for use with a rear-projection screen and custom-made infrared pens - as well as a version for use with touchscreens -  that allows artists to physically gesture against a surface and create real-time graphical output. This is in direct response and feedback to use of the existing suite of GRL technologies (primarily LASER Tag) by graffiti writers at our events, and is aimed at providing a more physical, kinaesthetic experience of digital graffiti.

This workshop will include hands-on building of infrared pens couched in empty spray paint cans or markers - the electronics involved are very basic, so no previous knowledge is required.

If you would like to build your own and bring it home, please let us know and we'll make sure to purchase supplies for you.

We're still sourcing parts and will be able to confirm the final price of purchase, which we hope to keep at 10 Euro or less.

EDIT: We have confirmed material costs at approximately 5 Euros, and will have at least a dozen empty spray paint cans available.

Apart from material costs, this workshop is by donation - all proceeds will support programming at ODC and purchase of supplies for GRL-DE.

Time: Sunday, Nov 28th, 3pm – 6pm

Attendance & Cost: Maximum of 15 persons. Free as in beer, though donations accepted – all proceeds will go to further GRL_DE projects in Berlin and Open Design City.

Language: English. All levels of technical proficiency welcome.

Spatial and Technical Requirements: Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops, if applicable.

Location: ODC in Betahaus, 19-21 Prinzessinenstrasse, Kreuzberg, Berlin

contact agentscott at graffitiresearchlab dot ca | graffitiresearchlab.de

Rubbish = Resource: Waste based innovation in 2030

On the 21st November between 14.00 and 19.00 at Open Design City, you are invited to participate in an event that will bring together thinkers and doers to create and explore futures in which Cradle to Cradle, Upcycling and Open Design have flourished.

How will processes and approaches such as Cradle to Cradle, Upcycling, and Open Design affect how we innovate with waste? How will these changes affect our daily lives?

Cradle to Cradle and Upcycling processes both view waste as a resource for production and creation, but from different perspectives and approaches as to how to achieve this. Open Design is potentially an enabler for both processes, facilitating the distribution of these behaviors and also the sharing of knowledge and process.

In this workshop, we will share our knowledge on different processes, and then explore together what the world looks like in 2030 in light of these emerging trends. We will use the resources of Open Design City to prototype and articulate these visions.

This workshop will be in conjunction with the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research. Our aim is to bring together a range of researchers, radical thinkers, activists and practitioners from the fields of Open Design, Cradle to Cradle and Upcyling together for one day to build a vision for the future.

We will provide you with good food, a space to explore and create, and other interesting people with which to explore and innovate.

Spaces on this workshop are limited, so please email us, along with a little bit about yourself to reserve a space.

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Laser Experiments

Resident Citizen Christophe Valliant, has been expanding the capabilities of his home built CNC machine this week in conjunction with Tristan August.

Last week, they cut neoprene using a laser pointer. This week they upped the stakes further with a 1 Watt Bluelight Laser able to cut Paper and
engrave wood. The diode costs about 50 EU

There has been talk of hacking some old printers to make this a seperate machine. Watch this space, or better still join the community and get involved.

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Design Smash Event

From idea to object in one night...

If you like Open Design City, you will love this event:

The horn blows and a group of designers throw back a stiff drink before
plunging into  work. They are producing a laser-cut object... a design
that will hit the shelves in under a week. They have 4 hours to
accomplish this outrageous task, but amongst the designers are some of
the most talented people in the design and architecture world. Over the
course of one night,  they smash out a design as you party around them.
At the end of the night, you decide who gets the biggest prize and the
pieces are produced in front of you... on-the-spot.

Welcome to DesignSmash.

Berlin, London, Utrecht...

far, we are running simultaneous events in Berlin, London and Utrecht
on Saturday the 20th of November. Events will be linked live to each
other during the course of the evening and the audience will get to see
the entire process of design - from idea to object - happen in front of

Saturday November 20, 5 pm – 12am

London E2 7DJ

Musical score curated by DJ Origami will
set the tone as designers execute their concepts. Food and drinks made
available by our hosts CAFEAND will keep you company and there will be
plenty of other ways to get into the design process yourselves.

designers at this event occupy professional roles in many of the worlds
most influential Design institutions and architectural offices.

RSVP to the London event on Facebook.

Our Partners:
CAFEAND, ES Technology, Etsy, NOUS Gallery, Nous 4M,Jovoto

snake ‘n’ tiger
(Berlin/Techno) will get you in the right mood to design and dance.
There is also free T-shirt screen printing between 6 and 8pm (BYO
T-shirt) run by Open Design City and other cool things to do during the event so come early to capitalise.

as designers will be a number of rising stars in the Berlin creative
scene, as well as select people from major players in the open-design

Saturday November 20, 6pm-3am

Betahaus Cafe Berlin
Prinzessinnenstr. 19-20
10969 Berlin

RSVP to the Berlin event on Facebook.

Our Partners:
betahaus, Etsy, lasern., modulor, Open Design City, Create Berlin, Jovoto

We are also having a satellite event in Utrecht with  ProtoSpace Please contact Anu Määttä <anu@protospace.nl> if you would like to join in at this event or RSVP on Facebook


ProtoSpace (FabLab Utrecht)
Nijverheidsweg 16B
3534 AM Utrecht

Our Partners:
Etsy, Jovoto, Stichting ProtoSpace

... so really, what is DesignSmash?

is a company for designers, producers and all-round smart people who
support ‘creative commons’ and the freedom of creative collaboration.
DesignSmash has a web-store where
you can purchase work and look up the designer who made it. We also
offer an open-source file-sharing platform for the exchange of design

all have moments in our lives that are more energetic, productive and
inspired than others. When you design for us, we help you get the most
out of your time, so that the potential of an idea becomes apparent
very quickly.

we hold DesignSmash events we do so simultaneously in different places
around the world. This gives us the opportunity to share our files
across locations so that each group of designers gets to see the work
and techniques of those in other countries.

Website http://design-smash.com/
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/DesignSmash/173623575984759
Twitter @DesignSmash_
Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/designsmash

The International Festival For Creators - Open Call For Collaboration


Collaborative international event Aiming to present a festival combining physical and online participation
With: Artists, Philosophers, Designers, Institutions – various strata of society participating together.

Our objectives:
+Find and share new values for social integration, break down walls of exclusion.
+Take conscience of the possibilities for Sustainable Open Content Collaboration

How many creations could we find in the world every day that inspire other people?
If you think you are able to create and share inspiration, come to the calling event to become part of this project. Unite forces with artists, researchers, creators and professors:

.With ideas and dreams presented in artworks to be integrated into public spaces
.With special workshops for youth in communities as an integration tool
.With musical participations from renowned artists
.With multiple exhibitions around the globe linked to the project
.With technological and philosophical conferences discussing new ideas of progress
.With the inclusion of visitors as a direct part of the project presentations

We would like to reinforce and expand our team so as to share:
Ideas about Sustainable Open Content Collaboration
Open exchanges of free knowledge

We are openly brainstorming ideas and looking for different perspectives concerning what Values we have today, and how we can enforce new values by integrating people from different social strata and work together into a shared goal:

Conscience of the possibilities of Open Content Collaborations Search for Sustainability

Objectives to focus on within the open calling for collaboration event also include:

. Project Sponsoring.
. Project Sustainability.
.Web development, to interconnect collaborations from the world over via a networking platform (thus also obtaining  an online form of continuity)
. Artist, designers, creators sharing ideas related the project
. Free knowledge sharing, open workshops for youth in communities
. Community skills, re-evaluating the constitution of hierarchies as we know them
. Architects translating the artistic creations into public spaces
. Multilingual Communication in an effort to extend the community trust (translation and proof-reading)
. Team Organisation (definition of roles, horizontal organisation)
. Project Organisation (global linking of the projects)
. Network building (gathering relevant contacts in administration, sponsoring, media, etc.)

If you feel related to these words, if you are a creator, and if you are interested:
We'll be introducing our philosophy of work, along with the artists already involved
and the possibilities for expansion.

For inquiries please contact

Juan Matias Schüttenberg
(+49) 017678195966

Co-Cooking Tuesday

At Open Design City we know our community is not only designing with wood, print, plastics and electronics, but also dabble in culinary design, aka Cooking. So we invite our members to participate in Co-Cooking Tuesdays to share their cooking skills and opensourcing their favorite recipes, experimenting with new ideas and mixing dishes, from soups to sauces,Hors d'œuvre to main courses, deserts to cocktails.

Format: Depending on the amount of food, availability of the participants and coinciding workshops in the betahaus and Open Design City, the meal is served as either a relax sit down dinner and discussion, open buffet and working-dinner for the busy residents of the ODC, or a Vokü (Volksküche) for participants of concurrent workshops/seminars.

Participation: Each Tuesday one member of the ODC is invited to host Co-Cooking Tuesday with their recipe and moderate the evening. Other members bring their own ingredients for either preparing a whole dish, warm or cold, or simply bring one food item to see what can be made from it from our available ingredients that evening.

Facility: The ODC has two cooking surfaces, a microwave, a tabletop oven, refrigerator with freezer available. Participants are required to bring their own tools like cutting board, knives, mixing bowls etc. You can then take them back home with you or contribute the the ODC bank of tools and equipment, available for next Co-Cooking Tuesday.

Practice: Last week resident Philip Steffan made a pot of Potato Soup where we sat around the table andd had a quick meal before going back to our respective workstations. This week 9th November, I will be preparing a batch of Splatter Sauce, an italian garlic herb pasta tomoato sauce, and a big pot of noodles to go with.

Cost: Free for ODC members, For non-members its Voku price of €2

As always, available from the ODC MachBar: Becks, Veltins, Club Mate and Chari Teas, all for suggested donation €2.

This Tuesday coincides with the workshop:

The International Festival for Creators - Open Calling / Presentation

Co-Cooking Tuesdays at ODC

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