Open Design City bei Create Berlin

Am Freitag Abend (den 13.) - einen Tag nach dem Lampen-Workshop im Direktorenhaus - entert die Open Design City für zwei Wochen den Showroom von Create Berlin!

Zur Eröffnungsfeier finden gleich drei Workshops statt:

  • Hanging Garden -Vertikale Gärten aus PET Flaschen
  • Metamorphosis - Lampen aus Pullovern
  • Albinoplast aka Plastic Playground

Die Teilnahme an den Workshops ist kostenlos - wer zu erst kommt, baut zuerst!

Ausserdem gibt´s Live Musik und kalte Getränke.

Open Design City @ CREATE BERLIN Showroom
13. - 26. August 2010

CREATE BERLIN SHOWROOM | Almstadtstraße 35 | 10117 Berlin

Open Design City zu Gast im Direktorenhaus

Am Donnerstag Abend ist die Open Design City zu Gast im Direktorenhaus. Besucher können ihre alten Pullover mitbringen und diese in Lampenschirme verwandeln. Dazu wird eine Mischung aus Speisestärke, Wasser, Essig und Glyzerin erhitzt und zum Aushärten des Textils verwendet. Die Lampenschirme müssen etwa 24 Stunden über einer Form trocknen und können ab Sonntag, den 15.08.10 in der Open Design City abgeholt werden.

Buy me or make me!

Fertige Lampenshirme werden im Direktorenhaus zum Verkauf angeboten.

Datum: Donnerstag, den 12. August

Zeitraum: 19:00 - 21:00 Uhr

Ort: Direktorenhaus, Am Krögel 2 (Mitte)

Pimping the Open Design City

So we've got a sweet space and community going on. We need to sustain it. We need to spread the word. We need to recruit more citizens and find some big money or lot's of little money.

This weekend we'll be having a "Pimping the Open Design City workshop" come along and:

Make some analogue posters, flyers, leaflets, graphics.

Talk about what ODC means to you, how has it affected you.

Construct a moving exhibition on the back of a bicycle

Target corporate sponsors

Create screen print shirts and merchandise for sale.

Make a Zine

Bring your own ideas about what we can do to share the space with the rest of Berlin and the World - and make it happen.

Hope to see you at Open Design City this weekend.

Material World

The exploration of the material world starts thursday, 5th of august, 18:00 h at Open Design City.

Open Design City Open Materials Lab

The Open Design City Open Materials Lab is an ongoing exploration into Open Materials and processes generated by Christopher Doering and Jay Cousins.

Open Design for us is as much about accessibility as it is about permission to duplicate. Therefore the Open Materials Lab is focussed on creating materials and processes which are accessible in use, production and sourcing.  Because the production processes are open it is easy to modify material properties, and to assess the sustainability of the process as a whole. Whilst most of our processes are home focussed, we see this as a stepping stone towards more industrial open production. We want to give people the opportunity to produce their own products, and to engage in the joy of making.

Our initial material explorations have been focussed on Starch Plastic (fka bioplastic) and creating a community and incentives to solve some of the problems associated with the material. Through this we have developed deep insights into the material properties (which we must document better), and a line of open products.

It was our forays into Starch Plastic, which brought us together with a community, which then formed to create a larger event, and create Open Design City.

Everything we have done so far has been for free. However we need your support to continue our work. You can support us by buying our products through our shop, attending workshops (published on Open Design City), hiring us to do a workshop, adopting our processes and supporting the cause with a donation from profits, sponsor us or simply donate. Contact Jay Cousins, or Chris Doering for details.

Open Design City Market

We have been talking about this for some time and now it's happening. We embrace the DIY Philosophy and we actually live it every day. It is how betahaus occurred: we wanted a special working-space but couldn't afford to buy it or it wasn't on the market yet.  So we just did it ourselves.

In April 2010 we have opened up the ODC where people can try things out and create stuff . ODC-Citizens can show each other how tools work as in peer-to-peer education or we should rather call it amateur-to-amateur education. They say knowledge workers are in need of  more hands-on activities,  so why not build a new fancy lampshade or a better storage for fresh herbs?

On the 24th of July from 2pm-7pm you will find a great setting to let your creativity and inventiveness run wild @ OpenDesignCity Market in betahaus.

Albinoplast will join the ODC-Market. On the “Plastic Playground” they will provide you with enough stones to build everything from rabbits to bridges out of white plastic bricks. You can either buy the material and take your own creation home, set a price for your creation and sell it or buy an already built plastic bricks product at the Albinoplast stand.

We have built the first 'Hanging Gardens' on the of July at the Betahaus Hamburg opening event. Bring some empty Volvic water bottles along and Lisa and Ana will show you how you can decorate your kitchen with the new herbs recipients.

They can be hanging right next to your starch  plastic lampshade - which you can learn to make from your favourite vintage pullover in a workshop with Christopher Doering and Jay Cousins.

Original Brazilian Caipirinha made by Zena, funky disco beats made by our Italian guest DJ and the hot summer weather are just 3 reasons why you should spend the next Saturday afternoon at betahaus.

As the WMP! is on summer vacation fashion & design sellers are welcome to sell their clothes and products. Contact:

Cook your own Lampshade kid's workshop

Yesterday Chris Doering and myself were pleasantly surprised by the emerging design outcomes from a kid's workshop we did in Kreuzberg.

Working with refugee kids from around the world and some Kreuzberg locals, it was surpising how easy the workshop worked with a little show and tell (some kids only spoke Farsi) and a few words of German (probably the wrong ones with my language skills).

We go back again tommorow and will be posting the results here. We really got a kick out of this workshop and so did the kids, we learned a lot and tested the Open Design production process in the field.

We want to do more of this kind of community work, so please get in touch if you have a project you'd like us to contribute to. Contact me or Chris for details.

New "slot machine" workshop sign

Thanks to Axel, we have a new fun sign to greet ODC visitors:


Product outputs of the DMY Maker Lab

10June2010-115 by mattcottam.

I'm presently drafting a monster post trying to tell a story of stories about the Epicness of the DMY Maker Lab. The vibe was so intense with maker energy and fun, that at times I nearly cried with joy.

As well as the emergence of the space (see below), there were a number of product outputs which I will attempt to document as best I can. I apologise in advance for the absence of documentation and accreditation, because I do not know the creators of all objects. However I encourage them to come forward and share their files and processes.

Luis project!  by Kabelfresser.

Luis was building a light frame for the starch plastic lampshades, it subsequently evolved into a futuristic helmet that did the talking for him @ Pecha Kucha DMY.

IMG_1743 by querform.

Laser cut rings were proving a popular hit, I hope we can get some photo's of Zelda's name knuckle dusters

little lasercut lamp out of cardboard by Kabelfresser.

Mendel constructed a laser cut frame for starch plastic lighting, but we decided it was beautiful in it's own right.

11June2010-37 by mattcottam.

I was very pleased with the lightness of this lampshade. It's unfinished beta quality indicates maker process, and invites the user to finish it.

11June2010-40 by mattcottam.

Some laser cut bling

11June2010-24 by mattcottam.

I love this laser cut necklace, will try and get the source files from waag (hopefully it will be entered in the (Un) limited design competition, the same applies to the bag below.

11June2010-21 by mattcottam.

more bioplastic objects by Kabelfresser.11June2010-44 by mattcottam.Photo0332 by Kabelfresser.even more bioplastic stuff by Kabelfresser.

There was a lot of starch plastic (FKA bioplastic) iterations, at the event and more we hope to follow.

Big thanks to everybody who helped make this event rock - especially these guy's, DMY, Etsy and Becks

The DMY Maker Lab was a collaborative emergent event, created by everybody that attended. If you were a part of it, please tell your story.

We will be having a public "Decompression" on Tuesday for those interested to hear and share stories and outcomes from the event, plus exploring where next for the Open Design City

Photo credits:, and

Großbuchstaben made at Open Design City

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