Hack the Flohmarkt

Over the last year we have accumulated much. We have grown our shared resources and facilities, and for this we thank you all.

What has also grown, is a large amount of Stuff which might well be useful one day, or which we intend to do something really cool with.

This stuff is really cool. That one day has arrived.

It is time.

On the 27th and 28th of August we will have a Hack the Flohmarkt event - here you can take great stuff home, or turn it into something even cooler with our tools. Anything left over will go to the bin (wasteful I know but 15o sqm isn't big enough for every cool thing we find, hopefully you can help mitigate this waste).

If any of this Really Cool Stuff belongs to you and you are horrified at the idea of someone else hacking or adopting it, then please arrange to take it somewhere safe, or for safe storage at ODC (speak to Jay) before the 26th.

The Fun Starts at 12.00 on Saturday



A view from ODC

Spontaneous Balkan Music Night (sorry you've already missed it)

Tralalka Live @ Open Design City Berlin Saturday 20 August Berlin-Kreuzberg Photos by Stephan Talneau www.tralalka.com


Last Saturday, had you called by ODC you would've stumbled across a spontaneous Balkan Music night. The evening was beautifully self organised with the band setting up their own stage, Trial and Error bringing a Latvian recipe Voku, and ODC popping to the shops to periodically by beer.

Big thanks to everyone who rocked this.

First 4 photos by Stephan Talneau

Open call - Participants for training course

Kulturlabor Trial&Error e.V. have the oppurtunity to send 2 participants to the international training course “Effect 2 social society” about volunteering in social organisations which will be held in Vilnius/Lithuania the 18/09/2011 until the 25/09/2011. The training course accepts 24 participants from 12 countries and is organised by In Actio Culture Centre. 70% of travel costs will be reimbursed accoring to travel documents. Please send us a short motivation of why you would like to attend the training course until the 28th of August.

For more detailed information and information about the program contact email(@)trial-error.org.


At August 5th the Light Rider had yet another chance to prove its awesomeness even without light. Thea (näh & werk studio) and C3MY (yarn throwies) loaded the Light Rider with a sewing machine, chairs, mats and materials and rode it to Alexanderplatz. At the spot we set up our small open air sewing workshop including an old Singer sewing machine powered by the Light Riders batteries. Accompanied by music from the bikes sound system a dozen kids and grown-ups joined in in sewing mushroom and monster shaped yarn throwies for the rest of the afternoon.


workshop for "bikeXtensions"


nach dem Tagesworkshop zum experimentellen Lastenradbau veranstalten wir,

( Tom Hansing von anstiftung&ertomis und Christophe und Jay von der Open Design City)
einen Workshop für "bikeXtensions" !

Das zentrale Thema des Workshops:
Wie kann man aus "normalen" Rädern Transportrad machen?

Was ihr machen könnt wenn Ihr an dem Workshop interessiert seid:
Überlegt Euch Situationen, wo Ihr gerne etwas mit dem Fahrrad transportieren wollt,
aber es nicht mit dem eigenen Fahrrad möglich ist, ( Etwa große Platten oder lange Holzleisten vom Baumarkt zu holen, Matraze, Möbel oder einfach sperrige Dinge) und skizziert Eure Ideen und bringt sie mit.

Für die Anmeldung bitte an eine Mail an mich:  cvail101@gmail.com

Am Freitag Abend, 19. August um 19.00h starten wir  und sammeln Ideen.
Am Samstag um 19.30h legen wir dann los!

Zur Verfügung stehen allerlei Handwerkzeuge,  CNC-Maschine, Lasercutter, Nähmaschine etc.
auch Materialien wie Kunststoffplatten,  Aluminium-Stäbe,Stahl, Flachware,  Schrauben, PVC-Bannermaterial.

Wo? Na klar,  in der Open Design City


Teilnahmegebüren liegen bei 15€, mehr geht auch .

Ihr bekommt Euer Teil  und könnt es nutzen und wir bekommen Fotos, Videomaterial und Beschreibungen.

Der Gedanke des Workshops ist auch, das Lösungen gefunden werden die andere Leute nachbauen können und weiter entwickeln können, nach dem Open Source Prinzip.

Bisherige Ideen für Erweiterungen:
- Transporthilfe für Haushaltsnähmaschine
- Halterung zum Transport für Workshopkisten (etwa im Format eines Bananenkartons)
- Erweiterung für mobile Siebdruck-station ( für spontane Aktionen, Festivals)
- Früchtekisten an Fahrrad montiert
- extra lange Satteltaschen aus Werbebannermaterial
- Fahrradanhänger aus alten Trolley/Koffer


Freitag Abend 19.00h:
Ideenfindung in Form von Skizzen, 2er und 3er Teams

Samstag, 20. August
9:30h Starten
Stationen durchgehen: Nähmaschine, Metallbearbeitung, Holzbearbeitung,
Ideen und voorgehensweise besprechen, Maße nehmen und loslegen/Begin Prototypenbau
12.30-13.30h essen gehen, Selbstversorgung oder Gemeinsames Buffet?
15.30h Zwischenbilanz Präsentation, Fotos, Skizzen, Dokumentation, Uploaden der Materialien auf Blog/Wiki
bis 18.00h

Sonntag, 21. August
9.30h Starten
12.30-13.30h essen gehen, Selbstversorung / oder Pizza bestellen?
17.00h Präsentation, mit anschließender Diskussion
18.00h Aufräumen

Uncompleted translation in English:


after the experimental cargo-bike workshop, we ( Tom Hansing from anstiftung&ertomis and Christophe and Jay from Open Design City) will host a workshop for "bikeXtensions".

The topic of the workshop:
How can you transform a normal bike into a cargo-bike.

If interested in the workshop:
Think about situations, where you would like to use a bike for carrying things, but it´s not possible with your own bike ( i.e. large boards,.., from the diy-shop, matress, furniture, etc.) Please make sketches, scribble your ideas and bring it to the ODC.....

many greetings

Light Rider in Marzahn

September 4th we will bring the Light Rider to Berlin-Marzahn to do virtual graffiti on challenging arcitecture at the opening of Quergänge Marzahn. Location: Galerie M, Marzahner Promenade 13, 12679 Berlin  Start: from 9pm

Galerie M


Guerilla bird house lab … part 1! We joined the first...

Guerilla bird house lab … part 1!

We joined the first guerilla bird house lab last saturday. It took place in the Open Design City. This was the first part - and there will be much more to come… Stay updated and get ready for birds nests for everyone!

More info here!

Guerilla Birdhouse Part 1. Update

The first Guerilla Birdhouse Lab, was great fun. From the 15 who registered about 7 showed (I guess Sunday's in Berlin are always a challenge).

Still it was very productive with birdhouses being produced from a wide range of ingredients from shoes to political campaign posters.

More actions will follow, including a Birdhouse flash mob. Watch this space.

Big thanks to everyone who showed up, and Trial and Error who brought some great materials to play with.

See photo's and videos below for construction information and pictures, more to follow along with a map of Birdhouse locations.

Finally a massive thanks to the Awesome Foundation Berlin, for making this all possible.


[pwaplusphp album="Birdhouses"]

Openness: Community & Participation

There is a growing trend to use the term Open-, and the fields where this applies vary from programming, design and even data. We see a huge opportunity to change the way we work together, how we consume (or prosume) things or even understand the social structures. Even though it is starting and we still [...]

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