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Posted on August 4, 2011 by Hanz

Dokumentation des ersten Tages der Ideenwerkstatt Lastenfahrradbau mit Einkaufswagen

1. Teil
[youtube rZY0QDSXyng]

2. Teil

[youtube v4HNWTJ3MwY]



Die Idee ist, mehrere Lastenräder aus vorhandenen Einkaufswagen und alten Fahrrädern zusammen zu bauen. Anstatt zu Schweißen wird mit Schellen und Verbindern gearbeitet. Abgesehen vom Bau der Räder will die Gruppe herausfinden, wie gut der Bauplan umzusetzen ist und was an diesem Konzept ggf. verbessert werden kann. Auf dem Projekt-Wiki werden die Ergebnisse dokumentiert.

Die Werkstatt ist Teil des Projekts “Mobile Werkstatt” von Anstiftung Ertomis und Open Design City.



The next "Trash of the month" is Paper >> this Thursday 4.8

It’s time already time for the next trash of the month! This thursday the 04.08 our topic is the beloved&beautiful paper. We will upcycle already one-side used paper or one-side printed paper, to make unique notebook // create new accessoires from old newspaper and make papertrashcans our of papertrash ;)

And of course, there will be delicious Vokü from 8pm on! In Ida Nowhere, Donaustr.79!

See u there!

Experimenteller Frachtrad – Bau – Workshop / experimental cargo-bike workshop

Hallo Zusammen,

am 02.August |  9:30 Uhr – 19:00 Uhr wollen wir in einem Tagesworkshop 3 bis 5 Transporträder aus Alt-Rädern +  Einkaufwagen ( 210 Liter) bauen. Das tolle daran: Anstatt zu Schweißen wird mit Schellen und Verbindern gearbeitet. Abgesehen vom Bau der Räder wollen wir herausfinden, wie gut der Bauplan umzusetzen ist und was an diesem Konzept ggf. verbessert werden kann. Auf dem Projekt-Wiki werden die Ergebnisse dokumentiert. Beim anschließenden „Jour Fixe“ in der ODC werden die Tagesergebnisse dann vorgestellt …



Jede/r ist eingeladen sich zu beteiligen. Bringt Fahrräder, Einkaufswagen und Co mit (sofern verfügbar), denn wir haben nur eine begrenzte Anzahl von Alt-Rädern und Einkaufswagen … Schellen und Verbinder, Werkzeug und Lagerplatz sind vorhanden. Für 3-5 Projekte übernimmt die Stiftungsgemeinschaft anstiftung & ertomis die Kosten, sofern das fertige Rad anschließend auch an andere verliehen wird. Wie?Was?Warum? >>> Konkrete Information: ; Mobil:  0179-7752677

Anmeldung: Christophe Vaillant,

Ankündigung auf Facebook

Bisher sind dabei: Prinzessinengarten, SDW-Neukölln, Ton-Steine-Gärten

Hello Everybody,

2nd of August, 9.30am – 7.00pm the Open Design City will host a one-day workshop to build 3 to 5 cargo-bikes out of old bicyles and shopping carts ( 210 liters). What´s so nice about it: instead of welding we will work with clamps and clips. Besides the the purpose of construction we want to test the feasibility of the How-to and explore improvements. The results will be documented on our project-wiki. In the evening we will have our regular monthly workshop-cargo-bike meeting and present the results of the day.



Everbody is invited to come and get involved. Bring your old bikes, Shopping carts, because we have on a limited amount of old-bikes and carts… clamps, connectors, tools and storage are provided. For 3-5 projects the foundation Stiftungsgemeinschaft anstiftung & ertomis will cover the costs, if the constructed bike will be lend to others.

How? What? Why? >>>more information: ; Mobil:  0179-7752677

registration for workshop : Christophe Vaillant,

announcement on Facebook

participating initiatives: Prinzessinengarten, SDW-Neukölln, Ton-Steine-Gärten

see you
Tom and Christophe

Participatory Design Service


Participatory Design, as the name suggests is all about participation. Over the last year we have tested, innovated and created a number of Participatory formats, and processes. Including:

Design Thinking
Open Design Processes
Continuous experiments with space and structure

With this experience we are able to create custom event formats, and systems for product innovation to help you achieve your objectives, co-creating outcomes with your team, your end users, and creatives from diverse backgrounds.

Contact Chris Doering for more information

Make it with us

Do you have an idea that you don't know how to make? You lack the expertise, experience or ability? Then why not contact us? We have access to a community of experts, and amateurs, who can cover every aspect of a project from programming, to video, metal work to textiles, electronics to plastics. We'll link you with the people who can make it happen, so you can bring your idea into reality.

Contact Jay for more information


That was Light Rider night #4 *preview*

Thank you to all the brave and awesome people out there who made it to our last event despite of rain and cold last Friday! The crowd at our first spot got even big enough for the police to check out on us with three vans full of cops and dogs. However, they only helped us remembering that we had planned to move to a second spot anyway – what we did nicely on time.

Here is a preview video (sorry, no sound yet) dokumenting the event and some of the writings of that night. Special thanks to all writers!

Guerilla Birdhouse Lab: Make a little birdhouse in your kiez part 1.

Photo Credit

Come, play, design and build your own birdhouse, then share it with the world. 15th August,

“Make a little birdhouse in your Kiez” will show people how to make bird houses from trash and then place them in public spaces – trees, lamp-posts, street signs and buildings. This process will educate people about waste, and engage them directly in improving directly their urban environment. The birdhouses themselves will create a provocation, bring birdsong to the streets and make the Kiez just that little bit nicer for everyone in it. The project would manifest in workshops – street actions and documented online with a how to replicate in your own Kiez.

The first of these workshops will take the form of a lab, we invite you to come and share your knowledge of Birds in the city - if you have any, but more importantly to come, play and prototype birdhouses from local recycled materials you've found in the neighbourhood.

We will then document our outcomes and place the birdhouses on Lamp-posts, trees, buildings and street signs in the neighborhood, creating a welcoming habitat for birds to share the city with us.

We then invite you to run your own workshop to share your knowledge with a local neighborhood project, school, or just spontaneously at an event. There will be a small budget to help you with this.

If you would like to join in please sign up here.

If you would like to host a workshop in your community space please email me.

Note: This workshop is free, payment will be in the form of documentation - so please bring tools to help photograph and share your knowledge with the world.

A massive thanks to Awesome Foundation, Berlin Branch, for making this all possible

Energy Street Fighter: Jetzt geht Loss!

A bit less than a year ago, we did a enable session for the Energy Street Fighter project. For us was a very good opportunity because was the inspiration for the working model that we have been developing since then. Now we are very happy to see that it has become [...]


via Max Gilgemann ereicht uns folgende Ankündigung:
Am Freitag, dem 8. Juli 2011 wird Berlins schönste Spreeoase zum Austragungsort einer unkonventionellen Fashion-Week-Veranstaltung. Fernab vom Modezirkus in der Stadt veranstalten wir unseren eigenen MODERUMMEL! Unter dem Motto WE.ENJOY.FASHION. präsentieren 40 Designer/innen handgemachte Mode, Schmuck, Schuhe und Accessoires am Strand der Rummelsburg. Der entspannte Shoppingrausch wird [...]

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Yesterday I participated in a Free Culture Incubator workshop around Open Innovation that was followed by a heated debate about crowd-sourcing, fair models of collaboration and references to other peoples work. These are some thoughts about open design and scientific writing – for documentation and further discussion (1)…
Let´s assume I would like to write [...]

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