People have learned and people have feasted. It goes without saying that the second edition of MAKER WEEKEND was an awesome success and it was great see everyone enjoying and learning new skills. However, this doesn't mean that it has ended. For those who has missed MAKER WEEKEND and wish to follow our DIY WORKSHOPS, we have confirmed new dates for you to sign up!

  • BUILD A BERLINER HOCKER | Saturday, March 16th / 5pm-6pm |
    Within this workshop you will get to know how to build Berliner Hocker - a little magic thing, which can basically be anything, depending on what you want it to be at the moment, where and how you would like to use it. SIGN UP!
  • SCREEN PRINTING | Thursday, March 21st / 6.30pm-9.30pm |
    Screen printing is a great technique which can be used to apply designs to lots of different things whether its a t-shirt, cushion or a bag. This workshop will teach you the basics of screen printing as well as how to apply words and type in your designs. Get ready to be creative and leave us with a smile and an awesome bag or clutch!. SIGN UP!
  • LEATHER JEWELRY | Tuesday, March 26th / 7pm-9pm |
    Have you ever been looking at a nice piece of jewellery and thinking “Hum… I think I could do that!”. But didn’t quite know where to start? This is the right time for you to explore the possibilities! SIGN UP!
  • DECOUPAGE TECNIQUE | Saturday, March 30th / 1pm-4pm |
    Your chairs look boring? Your table is sad because it`s from IKEA and looks just like every other table? And all you have in mind is to color them white? No-no-no, that`s not the way to go – we have a better idea! SIGN UP!
  • MELT A BAG | Saturday, March 30th / 5pm-8pm |
    Within this workshop you will learn how to use a fusing technic for the plastic bags (yes, the ones you get in the shop to bring tomatoes home), obtaining a new, cool and resistant material. SIGN UP!
  • THIS IS CONCRETE | Sunday, March 31st / 1pm-5pm |
    Concrete is most often thought of when talking about architecture or urban space, but it really isn’t the first material that pops into mind when you think about domestic objects or jewelry. SIGN UP!
  • PAPIER MACHE: LAMPS | Thursday, April 2nd / 6.30pm-9.30pm |
    No, papier maché is not just for making halloween masks. It is also a great material for building anything that needs to be both light and strong. Also, it’s only made of old newspapers, and you can give it pretty much any shape you want. SIGN UP!
  • CARDBOARD Up-Light LAMP | Friday, April 5th / 6.30pm-9.30pm |
    Tired of the mass produced lamps from Ikea? Want to add more light to your space? With our Cardboard Up-Light lamp workshop it will not only brighten your space but will also provide a soft and warm atmosphere. SIGN UP!
  • INTRODUCTION TO 3D PRINTING | Friday, April 5th / 6.30pm-9.30pm |
    A computer is a wonderful thing, it structures your email and shows you video, but can you make things with it too? Things that you can touch ? Things that are useful? Yes you can, with the help of a 3D printer! This production equipment of the future builds up any object layer by layer automatically producing real physical objects from your computer. SIGN UP!
  • TEXTILES & ELECTRONICS | Saturday, April 13th / 1pm-6pm |
    This workshops combines textile crafts, new materials and electronics to build interactive fabrics. Participants will be introduced to a range of conductive fabrics and threads as well as a selection of electronic components that include LED lights and vibration motors. SIGN UP!

If there's any workshops up there that look interesting to you, make sure to check them out and sign yourself up. Who doesn't want to learn new skills?!

If you want to stay on the loop on new activities, talks, workshops, parties and much more, check out the betahaus Pulse aka our calendar. Even better, sign yourself up for our newsletter!

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