SWAP SHOP at Survival Kit

The 8-18th of September Kulturlabor Trial&Error will set up a Swap shop in the contemporary art festival Survival Kit in Riga, Latvia.

The Swap shop is a marketplace, where no money is used. The visitors of the installation can exchange their own items, time or knowledge in order to get other visitors items, time or knowledge. There are no prices, customers estimate the value of their desired goods themselves.

The visitors are invited to shop by exchanging the following:

ITEMS – visitors are invited to bring objects they do not need anymore. It can be for example books, shoes or clothes. In the shop they are placed in shelves,
boxes and cloth hangers - ready to be exchanged.

TIME – the swap shop has a workshop zone where visitors can pay with their time. Labor can consist of for example: producing items for the shop, cleaning or managing the shop, brainstorming on certain topics, or other tasks which emerge in the process.

KNOWLEDGE – there is access to a video booth with camera and opportunity to record video messages. Visitors can pay with knowledge – such as useful tips and academical theories, jokes, shocking facts, a practical demonstration of the coolest dance steps or how to tie a tie. Paying with knowledge means recording a message. If the visitor has bought knowledge, he/she can choose, how many videos he/she has paid for and watch the videos in exchange for items or time.

The concept of the Swap shop is built on the idea that everything we need is produced - but that these resources not always are available for those who actually need it. There is enough food, enough houses, enough clothes for everyone. By using time and knowledge as alternative currencies, we invite the visitors of the shop to estimate value, and experience trade in another setting than everyday life.

The Swap shop will be set up in cooperation with our Latvian partners TAKA. The swap shop was originally developed in the Open Zone of the festival Transmediale.

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