Einladung zum ThinkCamp-Treffen der Berliner Regionalgruppe am 6.4. 2011 in der Open Design City

Daniel vom Think Camp schreibt:

"Am 6.4. 2011 findet um 19.30 das Treffen der Berliner ThinkCamp-Gruppe in der ODC statt.

ThinkCamp ist ein internationales Netzwerk für „Eco-Social Entrepreneurship", in dem an einer nachhaltigen Entwicklung motivierte Menschen, Führungskräfte, GründerInnen gemeinsam Wissen, kreative Methoden und soziale Kompetenzen erwerben und entwickeln.

Wir treffen uns einmal im Monat an verschiedenen Orten, um andere spannende öko-soziale Projekte und die Menschen dahinter kennenzulernen.

Neben dem gegenseitigen Kennenlernen wird es in diesem Treffen vor allem um die Ideenfindung für unser diesjähriges Sommercamp in der Lausitz gehen, das vom 18. bis zum 21. August stattfindet.

Alle die Lust haben etwas mehr über ThinkCamp zu erfahren, sind recht herzlich zu diesem Treffen eingeladen. Zudem freuen wir uns auf euren Input für das Sommercamp, das noch mit guten Ideen und Leben gefüllt werden will."

Für weitere Infos: www.thinkcamp.eu

Community Production Space

Open Design City is a powerful combination of space, resources and community. Our citizens and their ideas are what make the space special.

Open Design City provides people with a workspace, and tools for making products, objects and tangible things.

Mesh Up Monday - knitting*sewing*textilehacking now every 4th Monday

join mesh>>up>>>monday!

Every 4th Monday of each month!
The regular meeting for all kinds of needle work at the Open Design City. Come along to work on your knitting or sewing project, or get to learn knitting, sewing or other related techniques!
If you have a special request to learn something or want to teach something to us let us know in the comments on this page and we will be prepared!
Two sewing machines, some material, (knitting)needles and yarn are available for trying out stuff. You are also welcome to bring your own materials even if you don't know how to use them yet!

PS: The electronics-hacking meeting "baustelmontag" is running parallel at the same time and place - so if you are woking on a textile+electronics project (e.g. wearable electronics) MeshUpMonday is the place to be for you!


(Please scroll down for english version)

BIMBACHE, der kanarische Künstler Rubén Armiche und Open Design City laden ein zu dem zweitägigen Workshop "Re-utilizArt" beim Cradle to Cradle Festival.

Ausgehend von Alltagsfundstücken wollen wir der Beschaffenheit der Dinge auf den Grund gehen und daraus gemeinsam eine Skulptur schaffen.
Bitte mitbringen: Einen weggeworfenen Gegenstand aus Kunststoff


Samstag 12.3.2011

16:00 - 19:00 Uhr


Sonntag 13.3.2011

13:00 - 17:00 Uhr


AEDES Forum für zeitgenössische Architektur, Pfefferberg

Redesigning culture: laboratories for human sustainabilty

Christinenstraße 18 10119 Berlin

Für die Verpflegung sorgt das Restaurant "das Pfeffer".

Das gesamte Festivalprogram findet ihr hier.

Anmeldung hier.

English version:
BIMBACHE, canarian Artist Rubén Armiche and Open Design City invite you to the two-days workshop "Re-utilizArt" at the  Cradle to Cradle Festival.

Based on found everydays objects, we want to explore the nature of things and create a collaborative sculpture.

Please bring: a plastic item from your waste bin


Saturday, 12.3.2011

16:00 - 19:00 pm


Sunday 13.3.2011

13:00 - 17:00 pm


AEDES Forum für zeitgenössische Architektur, Pfefferberg

Redesigning culture: laboratories for human sustainabilty

Christinenstraße 18 10119 Berlin

Catering is provided by the Restaurant "das Pfeffer".

Please find the full festival program here.

Register here.

Open Design (Your) City

Why not engage in Public Space, to improve it. Here's a starter.

Place Berlin Tube maps in places we would expect to find them.

Download the picture, print, add double sided sticky tape and put it where you think it will be helpful.

GRL Germany Report from tm11

GRL Germany is pleased to call Open Design City our base of operations in Berlin.  Since last autumn, we've held workshops in the space, a public talk and recently we collaborated with several ODC members to produce SVG2BVG - an analog-digital-analog stencil maker.  The project is a combination of DIY laser cutting and open source creative code - a collaboration between the forces of ingenuity, maker aesthetic, and DIY attitude present at ODC.

SVG2BVG uses a custom software application to detect graffiti tags, and writes the ensuing shape directly to GCode file, allowing it to be sent to a laser cutter… then cuts it into a stencil, sized exactly for the screens on the Berlin U-Bahn. Many have contributed to the project so far: GRL Germany (Agents Scott + RosnerSeemiramis, and Achim Kern), with Olivio SarikasChristophe Vaillant, Tristan August and with assistance from Onformative.  And of course, it is all possible because of the ODC space itself.

Although it wasn't possible to cut with a home made laser cutter in the House of World Cultures (who would have thought?), we had many people stop by to check out the work we've done so far, and we even managed to set up a few remote laser cutting sessions, connecting a distant laser cutter to HKW via Skype. Thanks to all who've been a part of the project, and if you haven't had a chance to make a stencil yet - there will be other opportunities.  Stay tuned.


Cognitive Cities Conference: Workshops at Open Design City

Rooftop graffiti by K!WA , Berlin. Photo by Loso

We are at a point in time where the paths are set for the future of cities. The Cognitive Cities Conference (#CoCities) aims to bring the vibrant global conversation about the future of cities to Germany. We see CoCities as a platform for exchange and mutual inspiration. We invite urban planners, designers, technology geeks, environmental experts, public officials, urban gardening enthusiasts and cultural influencers to be part of the conversation. We can only make our cities more livable if we work together to improve them.

CoCities is a two-day event: Day 1 is a full-on conference, Day 2 is dedicated to exploring the city through workshops, guided tours and exhibitions.

During day two (27th February 2011) of the  Cognitive Cities Conference there will be several workshops going on at Open Design City:

  • Designing Public Space; Enable Berlin will run a workshop that seeks to explore the ways in which citizens interact with the city by drawing possible futures and co-designing public furniture. For more info about how we do it check our web. Only 20 places are available, book yours in advance: info(at)enableberlin(dot)org
  • SVG2BVG; GRL-Germany will open SVG2BVG to the public, allowing visitors to create stencils and see DIY/Open Source technology in action. SVG2BVG uses custom computer vision software to detect graffiti tags, sends the ensuing shape to a diy laser cutter, and then outputs the tag as a stencil in realtime, creating a bridge from the physical to the digital and back. The stencils are conveniently sized for the television screens in the Berlin U-Bahn system, allowing you to create cheap, non-permanent, light-based graffiti in the comfort of your own transit system. Name-Tag and Lanyard options also supported!
  • Memelab: For the Cognitive Cities Conference, we will link conference locations through GPS, and transform the data into a sonic accompaniment for the participants’ travels to and from the various locations. SoniCity is an ongoing research into creating sonic maps that unfold through time. By tracing paths in this way, the map reflects the complexity and transformation of the city as experienced through flow.

Enable Berlin Session: Starts at 11:00

GRL and Memelab: From 14:00 to 16:00

Beyond Sharing: Open Source Design - Friday 11. Feb, 19h

We are very happy to have Mushon and Galia around and hear their presentation at Open Design City this friday starting at 19:00h.

And this is what it will be about:

What are the challenges for the collaborative design process?

"Design by committee", “too many cooks in the kitchen” and other terms have been used derogatively to imply that the creative process breaks when it involves too many individuals. At the same time, the software world has been completely revolutionized by the open source, networked collaborative process. When it comes to graphic and interaction designs (two fields critical to software development) Open Source software seem to lag behind the more conventional production models. It seems like in design the Open Source community have not managed to nourish robust collaboration models. One could argue that even successful free software design projects like Firefox or Ubuntu are often developed in a more traditional process. What are the challenges of networked collaboration in the creative process? Can and how might they be solved? Or is it just that designers don’t like to work together?

Mushon would be raising these questions through several examples and together with Galia Offri would also be introducing Wikipedia Illustrated, the project they just launched at Transmediale 2011.

Mushon Zer-Aviv is a designer, an educator and a media activist based in NY & Tel Aviv. His work involves media in public space and public space in media. He explores the borders of collaborative models as they are redrawn through politics, design and networks. He is the co-founder of Shual.com – a foxy design studio; ShiftSpace.org – an Open Source layer above any website; YouAreNotHere.org – a tour of Gaza through the streets of Tel Aviv; Kriegspiel – a computer game version of the Situationist Game of War; the Collaborative-Futures.orgUpgrade international network. Mushon is an honorary resident at Eyebeam – an art and technology center in New York. He has been teaching new media research at NYU and Open Source design at Parsons the New School of Design and in Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem. He blogs at Mushon.com. collaboratively authored book; and the Tel Aviv node of the

Extra links:

Wikipedia Illustrated

Lightning talk at Wordcamp 2009 (NYC)

The Case For Open-Source Design: Can Design By Committee Work? (article at Smashing Magazine)

Response:able clothes swapping

bring cloth, get your favorite new piece, pimp it, show your style
sewing equipment and catwalk provided - get inspired, have fun
- Friday 6 till 10 pm at Open Zone/ Haus der Kulturen der Welt -
with love & for free

bring deine alten klamotten, tausche sie gegen dein neues lieblingsstück, mach es schick und zeig dein teil
nähmaschinen, bastelkrams und laufsteg vorhanden - freu dich auf ne menge spass
- Freitag von 18.00 bis 22.00 Uhr in der Open Zone/ Haus der Kulturen der Welt -
mit liebe, offen & frei

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Brought to you by Open Design City and Trial and Error Kulturlabor



Come and be THE CROWD, tonight from 21:00 at transmediale, Haus der Kulturen der Welt

For those of you who want to make instruments beforehand Trial and Error and ODC will be making instruments from vegetables and trash in the Open Zone @ HKW from 18.00

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