Day 0 at transmediale.11

Make Your Own Market is almost up and running, in time for tomorrow's opening.  Here's a preview of GRL Germany's SVG2BVG, one of many DIY opportunities that we'll be providing in the Open Zone.


And this is hw the ODC space looks if you want to find us:

SVG2BVG at transmediale.11


Resident Steffen Bahnsen von der bietet am 19. Februar einen Workshop für Design-Thinking an.

Und dies ist die Einladung:

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

Unsere Innovationsagentur inventedhere hat das Ziel, durch die Anwendung von Design Thinking eine Arbeitskultur zu schaffen, die Kreativität und Innovation für jeden möglich macht.

Um Ihnen einen Einblick in die Methode zu vermitteln, möchten wir Sie gerne zu unserem
Design-Thinking-Workshop am Samstag, den 19. Februar 2011 von 10.00 bis 15.00 Uhr im betahaus Berlin einladen.
Da die Arbeitsumgebung entscheidend für Kreativität und Innovation ist, veranstalten wir den Workshop in Kooperation mit dem betahaus Berlin, einem der größten Co-Working-Spaces Deutschlands. Hier werden wir auch die Werkstatt der Open Design City im betahaus nutzen.

Die Veranstaltung bietet Ihnen neben der Methodenvermittlung die Möglichkeit, mit interessanten Personen aus Wirtschaft, der Kreativ- und Gründerszene zusammenzukommen und gemeinsam Ideen zu entwickeln. Im Anschluss an die Präsentationen der Teams wird es eine Happy Hour von 15.00 bis 16.30 Uhr geben, um Ideen weiter zu denken, Gespräche fortzusetzen und Projekte anzustoßen.

Die Teilnehmerzahl der Veranstaltung ist begrenzt. Deshalb bitten wir um eine verbindliche Zusage bis zum 2. Februar 2011.
Zur Kostendeckung ist ein Teilnehmerbeitrag in Höhe von 50 Euro vorgesehen.

Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Rückmeldung!


Herzliche Grüße vom inventedhere-Team,
Steffen Bahnsen

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Mesh Up Monday - knitting*sewing*textilehacking now every 4th Monday

pricture credidts:

Every 4th Monday of each month!
The new regular meeting for all kinds of needle work at the Open Design City. Come along to work on your knitting or sewing project, or get to learn knitting, sewing or other related techniques!
If you have a special request to learn something or want to teach something to us let us know in the comments on this page and we will be prepared!
Two sewing machines, some material, (knitting)needles and yarn are available for trying out stuff. You are also welcome to bring your own materials even if you don't know how to use them yet!

PS: The electronics-hacking meeting "baustelmontag" is running parallel at the same time and place - so if you are woking on a textile+electronics project (e.g. wearable electronics) MeshUpMonday is the place to be for you!

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Hardware Open Source


Open Source Ecology are running Factor e Farm in Kansas City. They have set out to develop a basic set of tools to create the entire infrastructure for living and thriving from local resources, Open Source!

This project is demonstrating the full potential of Open Source being applied to solve human challenges in the physical space. If you like might be called Open Source Hardware.

The essence of the Open Source is an open collaborative development of various critical infrastructures which instead of being patented are being published for the public. Ultimately this movement is creating distributed economic systems where all individuals benefit from the new inventions, and where all individuals can add to it. The profit is therefore the benefit for all and we set to create the best solution which we can always adapt to our local needs and possibilities.

- How do we apply Open Source to solve all our needs?
- Can we create a pool of resources which could be improve by everyone of us for all of us?

ODC (and Friends) @ Transmediale AKA "make your own market"

From the 1-6 February Open Design City will be migrating to Transmediale at the Haus der Welt Kulturen, to play within the "Open Zone".

If you would like to join us in playing at this festival of Free Culture, in the heart of an international Media Art Festival, then please come along, or if you have a specific idea to add to the brief below then please feel free to email us to join in the fun.

Our objective is to bring actions and activities to the Open Zone - whether you want to make some art, build something or create a collective action in the space we will give you the tools to do so.

Actions so far

Talk to Me About

A viral real world social networking tool - or a bubble shaped piece of paper? Tales of previous outings here

The Crowd

We got invited to DJ, but we've no experience. Instead we decided to crowd source the music. But this won't be no pick three tunes battle, YOU will make the music. Bring your voices, bring your instruments, bring something to bang on, be prepared to fail, to laugh and to maybe find some emergent harmony, wit and song in amongst it all.

Buy me or Make Me

We'll be selling products, but also you can make them yourself - come and learn how to make your own lampshades and bowls from recycled textiles, wallets from carton, knit your own hats. If you'd like to sell something and are happy to show people how to make their own then please drop us an email - or stop by with your tools, material and goods at the event.


Taking waste and turning it into objects of value


SVG2BVG uses custom computer vision software to detect graffiti tags, sends the ensuing shape to a diy laser cutter, and then outputs the tag as a stencil in realtime. The stencils are conveniently sized for the television screens in the Berlin U-Bahn system, allowing you to create cheap, non-permanent, light-based graffiti in the comfort of your own transit system.

The application (Source Code coming soooon) is written in Processing, and makes extensive use of V3GA’s blobDetection library. SVG2BVG wil be shown as part of Open Design City’smake your own market’ installation at ‘the open zone‘ at Transmediale 11 (Feb 1st-6th, Berlin) as well as at the Cognitive Cities Conference (Feb 26-27th, Berlin).

Coffee Scanner

Come make a 3D scan your face in a bowl of coffee beans and water. Low tech meets high tech

Action Response

Just a fancy term for making it up as we go along

Pre Play - Getting warmed up in the space with a few actions and ideas to get us started


So far Graffiti Research Labs Germany, Trial and Error KulturLabor, and a host of co-conspirators are all coming to play, what would you like to do?

A note on space - we have 20 square meters to do these actions at Transmediale - as you probably figured we are going to expand our territory in negotiation with the rest of the Open Zone. However we have no idea how this will work so if you want to be sure to do something in our specific territory then send us an email outlining your space needs and time requirements (nb. please no more than 10 sqm).

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How to make a minimalistic seat for less than 8 Eur in less than 4 min.

Sitting all day sucks, because it causes back pain sometimes. Standing all day sucks as well, because it causes tired legs after a while. So while working at ODC today, I was wondering how to solve this with a very low budget and without a lot of time. So I came up with some kind of seating I named "Stöpsel", and I thought I´d rather share it with you quickly before it get´s lost, as some kind of immediate project idea documentation. And if you want to make your own, this is how it works.

What you need to get:


  • 1 old bicycle saddle, Eur 0,00 (Fundstück)
  • 80-95 cm of roundwood, pine tree 22mm, Eur 4,00 (Bauhaus)
  • 1 plunger, Eur 3,99 (Karstadt)


  • Wrench
  • Sandpaper

What you need to do:

Remove the stick from the plunger and replace it with the roundwood. Grind down the other end of the stick to 18 mm and assemble the saddle. Push the plunger down to the floor, so it gets sucked down and the seat doesn´t slip away.

Enable Session IX: “Kinderrechte dürfen kein Fremdwort sein!/Children’s rights shouldn’t be a foreign word!”

This is an issue where we really want to test the power of collective thinking. An issue where a viral campaign and marketing can actually help to raise living standards for children around the world.


“Fremdwort/Foreign word!” Campaign concept by HIRO42 for a Unicef/Jovoto contest

|f you would like to come to help us rising awareness of children's rights, come to our next session Wednesday 1st of December 2010, at Open Design City.

Confirm to enableberlin (at) gmail (.) com if you would like to attend the session.

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Do you want to see how we do it at Enable Berlin?

Enable Session VIII: Documentary from session.

This is an attempt from us to use the possibilities of web-video. We show what we do in the hope to inspire other people, get feedback, and continue to openly develop new ways to work and solve challenges together.

On this session (VIII) we were trying to envision what our future living environments will be looking like. And how, in an environmentally friendly way, can we solve our everyday life-situations.

At the next session we will be helping Unicef spreading the word on Children's rights. Let us know if you would like to take part.

Enable Berlin

Kindred Spirits

Just watched We Make Things.


(video via

This resonates very strongly with our work here at Open Design City, very well articulated, especially Matt Ratto's comments on Critical Making which sounds a hell of a lot like what we call Physical Literacy. Such videos put me in mind of the video from the event that planted the seeds of ODC. Viva la evolution.

Video: Last Baustelmontag at ODC

This is a glimpse at ODC from yesterday night. Like what you see? Come by next Monday!


(Baustelmontag is ODC's weekly night of tinkering and general creative awesomeness. Free entry. Every Monday from 19 h.)

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