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Open Source Ecology are running Factor e Farm in Kansas City. They have set out to develop a basic set of tools to create the entire infrastructure for living and thriving from local resources, Open Source!

This project is demonstrating the full potential of Open Source being applied to solve human challenges in the physical space. If you like might be called Open Source Hardware.

The essence of the Open Source is an open collaborative development of various critical infrastructures which instead of being patented are being published for the public. Ultimately this movement is creating distributed economic systems where all individuals benefit from the new inventions, and where all individuals can add to it. The profit is therefore the benefit for all and we set to create the best solution which we can always adapt to our local needs and possibilities.

- How do we apply Open Source to solve all our needs?
- Can we create a pool of resources which could be improve by everyone of us for all of us?


Visit us

ODC is open Monday–Friday from
10–19h (betahaus rates apply)

Free and open DIY nights:
Every Monday from 19h.

Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20
10969 Berlin