Light Rider in Marzahn

September 4th we will bring the Light Rider to Berlin-Marzahn to do virtual graffiti on challenging arcitecture at the opening of Quergänge Marzahn. Location: Galerie M, Marzahner Promenade 13, 12679 Berlin  Start: from 9pm

Galerie M


Guerilla bird house lab … part 1! We joined the first...

Guerilla bird house lab … part 1!

We joined the first guerilla bird house lab last saturday. It took place in the Open Design City. This was the first part - and there will be much more to come… Stay updated and get ready for birds nests for everyone!

More info here!

Openness: Community & Participation

There is a growing trend to use the term Open-, and the fields where this applies vary from programming, design and even data. We see a huge opportunity to change the way we work together, how we consume (or prosume) things or even understand the social structures. Even though it is starting and we still [...]

The next "Trash of the month" is Paper >> this Thursday 4.8

It’s time already time for the next trash of the month! This thursday the 04.08 our topic is the beloved&beautiful paper. We will upcycle already one-side used paper or one-side printed paper, to make unique notebook // create new accessoires from old newspaper and make papertrashcans our of papertrash ;)

And of course, there will be delicious Vokü from 8pm on! In Ida Nowhere, Donaustr.79!

See u there!

That was Light Rider night #4 *preview*

Thank you to all the brave and awesome people out there who made it to our last event despite of rain and cold last Friday! The crowd at our first spot got even big enough for the police to check out on us with three vans full of cops and dogs. However, they only helped us remembering that we had planned to move to a second spot anyway – what we did nicely on time.

Here is a preview video (sorry, no sound yet) dokumenting the event and some of the writings of that night. Special thanks to all writers!

BOTTLE TOPS are AWESOME! They really are!   Video about how to...

BOTTLE TOPS are AWESOME! They really are!


Video about how to collect bottle tops from Pfandflasche - returnable bottles- and sharing what to make with them and how to cut the tops of // showing that you will still get your money back.  

We are collecting BOTTLE TOPS for UPCYCLE workshops where we reuse advertisement Banner, Bike Tire and Bottle Tops to transform them into OPEN design BAGS » PfandTASCHE —— Collect with us!   


 Sat. 23th of July, 2011 

13:00 -16:00 

Neurotitan Galley

Join and Collect!


For more info, contact, ideas and inspiration contact one of the following Open Source Sharers:






Video by: Vahagn Vardumyan  & Judith Meijer –oodie

Sound by: Inti Che



Luf ya xx

Kiezmobil in it’s last steps. Saturday the 16.07...

Kiezmobil in it’s last steps.

Saturday the 16.07 we’ve been creative again on the kiezmobil. We colored, we painted, we cut, we varnished, we planned, we ate delicious buttermilkcake thanks to judith ;) , we designed, we constructed and we enjoyed the sunny day in front of ida nowhere, donaustr.79. But aswell the workshops @Streuobstwiese during 48h Neukölln and in the Gemeinschaftswerkstatt Mareschstr.10 were productive and really nice. The neighbourhood from young to old joined the workshops and got creative and colorful on the tabletops. Kids were building and screwing the Kiezmobil together and painting their own kiez. Here is a short overview! Enjoy and come by, when we call the next time for the workshop “Kiezmobil - Pimp das Mobil!”. Therefore check th enews on the kiezmobil blog:

See u there!

On the 13th of july Trial & Error joined the demonstration...

On the 13th of july Trial & Error joined the demonstration against the recent desicion to cut the funding for several youth clubs in Berlin Neukölln - which would mean that many of them would close allready this september. Around 350 people showed up to support the demonstration. Eventually the desicion to cut the budget was taken back, but it is still unclear what will happen, as so far no agreement has been reached on how to cover the holes in the budget.

Only few time left – please help and support us!


August 13th our crowd funding campaign on will end. Until that day we need enough people to support us with a donation to gather a total amount of 2500 euro. If we don’t hit that amount all donations will be payed back and we won’t see any of it…

GRL Germany wants to get a strong projector for our project Light Rider. We want to be able to run mobile guerilla projections even with no budget involved in the event. We would be independent from funding (to pay for projector rent), spontaneous and could provide the whole set up to other groups who want to creatively use it for their artistic, political, or local mission.

If you think it is a good idea for us to get more independent please help us with a small (or big!) donation!

Thank you so much for your support!

Next Light Rider + blitzTag event Friday 22nd July

This Friday 22nd July we are bringing the Light Rider out to Berlin-Neukölln one more time. It will be the last chance to tag walls in this neighbourhood using blitzTag for the next couple of weeks. If you have missed our previous events along Karl-Marx-Straße make sure you come along this time! There is even two meeting points this time:

from 22:30h, Karl-Marx-Straße 110 (U-Bahn: Karl-Marx-Straße)

from 00:15h, Karl-Marx-Str. 231-235 (S-Bahn Neukölln)

As usual see our Twitter stream that night to stay updated!

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