Kiezmobil // mindblowing bench creature

YEAH! The first Kiezmobil Workshop “Müll Materialien” which took place at Ida Nowhere at mothers day was a fantastic action with an awesome result. The great people of the neighbourhood developed together with Trial&Error a mind blowing MaterialSammelStation so called Trash Bench. It’s an overwhelmingly creative, comfortable and crazy bench made out of trash, that’s guarding the beautiful material boxes, bags or baskets to collect material for the Kiezmobil. See how much fun it is and join the next workshop on the 21rst may in Pepe’s Bike Shop // Mareschstraße 16.

TRIAL & Error FIRST birthday party

Trial&Error is growing up and celebrating HIS, HERS, ITS, YOURS, OUR »»»first birthday«« YEAH! 

This asks for a PARTY powered by YOU, ME and US all together.

We have some surprises and special guests

….and you can do the same and HAPPY HACK IT! 

* AndiGun and with Face detection Installation

*Upcycled Hat factory 

*cake eating, cake games, cake dancing, cake searching….

*games and more

*SUPER survey! 


————//////// sounds by //////————

Montoru —- Tech house/ minimal —-

IntiChe —- Electropical —-

Mister B —



and more! make it, do it, try it, dare to :)

The Memefest exhibition: “DEMONSTRATING Relevance:...

The Memefest exhibition: “DEMONSTRATING Relevance: Response-Ability”

From 6th-12th of May Trial&Error together with Loesje International Hosted the international Memefest exhibition at N.K, Neukölln, Berlin

Exhibiting the following pieces;

  • Selected works of the 2010-2011 competition with the theme “Love:Conflict:Imagination”
  • Best of 2002-2008 works, with several themes
  • Posters from all the years competitions

During the vernissage and finissage we gave a personal interpretation on the Memefest theme through guerilla knitting by Semi Ramis, Litekultur with his interactive Loveboard and radical sounds.

Highlight during the finissage was an off line demo and informative talk by Christian Zöllner from VR Urban, co-creator of  the SMS slingshot –a catapult looking gadget that can shoot light messages.


Memefest is an international festival of radical communication that nurtures and rewards innovative and socially responsive communication which exceeds market-orientated communication and works toward social social responsibility. Memefest is also an international network of people with different profiles - experts, activists, researchers, theoreticians and artists - who are interested in social change with a sophisticated use of media and communications. The effects of multi-annual networking at the global level are today seen through the work of independent centers with bases in Colombia, Brazil and Serbia.

Established in Slovenia where also the main center is. In nine years the festival has become the world’s largest socially responsible communication festival, which directly contributes to critical writing and critical visual expression.


SMS slingshot—-

Lite Kultur ——

Mesh Up Monday —-

Loesje International —

N.K ——

Memefest —-

On Easter Monday Trial & Error was invited to upcycle on the...

On Easter Monday Trial & Error was invited to upcycle on the spot in a hidden garden in the heart of Rixdorf, Neukölln. Together with kind locals and the association Netzwerk Stadtraumkultur e.V. we spent the afternoon picking up trash, eating Easter chocolate rabbits and upcycling an old abandoned fridge into a colourful bench.

The bench is now happily sitting on the Streuobstwiese and represents joint efforts for building a better and nicer neighbourhood. The same spirit that follows our Kiezmobil project! We have now a new blog that will document its progress separately and in German. Schau mal rein!

For more pictures of this event have a look at the rest of the Fridge Upcycle Album.

Sperrgutmarkt @Spreewaldbad

The last weekend of April, Trial & Error was upcycling used and broken furniture into unique pieces on the very spot at the Sperrgutmarkt.

Together with the GEKKO Reichenberger in Kreuzberg, the Nachbarschaftshaus Urbanstraße, the BSR and of course great people from the neighbourhood, we spent the afternoon on, in, under and surrounded by furniture. All the guests were invited to upcycle their own beloved piece or simply work on broken things. Once upcycled, they have been put back for people to take them or been taken by the upcyclers themselves. See the awesome results!

For more pictures of this event have a look at the Sperrgut Album.

Join us on the next Sperrgutmarkt. This will be organized twice a year, in spring and fall. We will keep you updated!

MakerLab Milan! Last week Kulturlabor Trial&Error joined the...

MakerLab Milan!

Last week Kulturlabor Trial&Error joined the the MakerLab, for a 8 days travel to Milan to make pop up workshops in the public design festival. Equipped with a laser cutter, 3d printer, looms, concrete and lot of tools we visited spaces in Milan to play and design with people in the streets. We made new furniture for public space, super sized knitting, upcycling, weaved the night away, scanned and replicated found objects and much more. Watch out - soon you might find us setting up the MakerLab workshop in Berlin as well! More info about the MakerLab here.

TWESTIVAL //// 24.3 ///  Guerilla gardening with...

[Flash 10 is required to watch video.]

TWESTIVAL //// 24.3 ///  Guerilla gardening with Trial&Error…and more!

Video compilation of what happened with music from*** DJ Intiche 

Celebration: report and photos from 33 SPACE SOCKS & CO party

Last Friday, 25th of March, Trial&Error ship landed @ Loophole to celebrate 33 Space SOCKS & CO! From 8 o clock in the evening until sunrise there where interactive performances, colorful workshops and cool DJ’s, as well as refreshing drinks @Loophole bar and tasty reiseproviant from Manuel&Luccio!

Stage was conquered by lady Niti (London) with improvisation show, Big Stu’s rap and awesome John Sharp with his synthsational funk gymnastics. Meanwhile guests where spreading love messages on Love board with Olivje from litekultur made some traffic signs with The Last Minute Expert as well as pimped up socks&co with Judith and friends. Party was highlighted with Time Machine Photobooth by Kay Strasser , Ema and Tao. Check out the photos here

Sound was powered by awesome Dj’s:

Konik Polny - check out his mashup for party: []

DJ Benedict - []

Mr B - []

Dj IntiChe - []

Income from the entrance are donated to the Kulturlabor Trial&Error to support activites! Great thank You to everyone, who joined the time&space travel!

P.S. Info about the next party will follow soon! Together we can make it even greater! Have an idea – write us to email (@) and lets Do It Together!

TOGETHER with the people from The Kiez (neighbourhood) we have...

TOGETHER with the people from The Kiez (neighbourhood) we have been working on creating a MOBILE WORKSHOP TRAILER: THE KIEZMOBIL 

The trailer is made 90 % out of waste, unwanted objects, trash and treasures - made in collaboration with the people and for the people of the neighbourhood.

::: more about the project to be found ::::

Here a little impression about how we collect materials, create the metal construction, parts donated and wood being worked with to create the start of a great work-table-top   


During 48 Hours Neukölln we will continue the work with You »>

KIEZMOBIL WORKSHOP & ExHIBITION — 17th and 18th of June —Steuobstwiese …. Follow the TRAShHunt signs on Richardplatz & Donaustrasse!


Special thanks to Simon for the frame part, Fusion Manege for the wood and use of the workshop space, the street, the Kiez and all people who donated their treasures. GREAT STUFF!


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