ODC Basics: Autodocumentary Workshop (about Coworking) Part 1.

People in Beta

An Autodocumentary / Workshop Series
Open Design City, Betahaus
Prinzessinnenstrasse 19–20, Berlin

Workshop Part One: 13 January 2011, 7 pm
Workshop Part Two: 24 February 2011, 7 pm
Final Video Screening: 28 March 2011, 7 pm

At our first workshop we will:

• Watch our video “Delivered in Beta” and examine how it was made in only 5 days! (Note: Delivered in Beta was recorded at the insemination of ODC)
• Introduce the idea of “autodocumentary” videomaking.
• Explore how social media platforms can be re-purposed for collaborative storytelling.
• Interview you about coworking!

At our second workshop we will:

• Review the stories people have told about themselves since our first workshop.
• Engage in a group critique about the formal and narrative aspects of your stories.
• Discuss some of the answers which have been raised about coworking on Quora.
• Interview you about coworking!

Get prepared!

Answer or ask some questions:

Contribute your videos:

Contribute your photos:

Join the conversation on Twitter:
#peopleinbeta hashtag

Get licensed!

If you contribute media to our Vimeo or Flickr groups, please consider publishing under a creative commons license (we often use BY-NC-SA ) so we can easily add your contributions to documentary video :)

Feeling generous?

The workshop will be free for betahaus & ODC members.

For a donation of 10EUR we’ll tweet thanks for your support.

For a donation of 25EUR we’ll include your name in the credits as a supporter of the project.

For a donation of 50EUR we’ll include your company’s logo in the end credits as a sponsor.

We have talked about this with Pati and Gabriel from KS12 for a long time. We always wanted to do a small documentary about betahaus, coworking in general, the beta principle, the people behind this and how this does look and feel from the inside. Now it’s real and we are ready start “autodocumenting” guided by KS12, together with the Open Design City crowd, the betahaus people and everybody else who embraces the coworking spirit in and around Betahaus and ODC.

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Enable Session VI – Testing business models for new collaborative process

Dear People

We will be running a creative co-working session on a brief from PayPal next Wednesday. The challenge, posted in Jovoto*, is to “Help Paypal communicate in a concise and convincing way what PayPal is and how it can benefit its users”

We want to present and work on the challenge together with you. From this, put together a few breathtaking concepts, which we will translate into a nicely presented proposal, post it in Jovoto and see how the rest of the community and PayPal like it.

As we stated before we think that working collaboratively we can come up with broader, more creative solutions. Now, we want to prototype it and test it on a real case. PayPal offers a money prize – which will be divided amongst all of us if we win! And most important it will be one more reason to continue developing this new way of working. We feel that this is a critical point in our development and we would be delighted if you want to bring your skills in.

If you are intrigued or simply want to participate in this revolution come along next Wednesday the 6th of October at 19:30 to Open Design City. You do not need to prepare anything, you do not need any special skills other than yours. You just need to come and be open to sharing ideas, re-mixing others ideas and collaborating towards a common goal.

* Jovoto is “A global platform to enable creative excellence through mass collaboration”

Enable Berlin

Let's make: Hacked Fitness Lockers

Our Friends from Coworking Cologne just posted some very nice pictures of regular Gym Lockers that they hacked a little bit. Now they are serve as a special form of "Office Trolleys" to store office supplies. I thought this would be a nice addition to the Ikea hacked whiteboards, posted over here last week.

At betahaus Berlin personal storage is an important issue since most of the desks are flexible. We do have a couple of lockers already that are frequently used by betahaus people but we would love to come up with a more creative approach. Hacking the Gym - Locker would lead into this direction.

I'd say it's time soon for an office hackday, maybe in the end of June. Let's get through the DMY Maker Fest and some odc-organisational days and workload and schedule a weekend in June to collectively hack the office. A little bit of forechecking: What about the 25th to 26st of June? We do have the Match "Portugal - Brasil" on Friday, but there is a "WM Studio" at betahaus anyway, so we actually could watch the game AND hack the office. ;)

Some more picture from Coworking Cologne and Jack in the Box I guess.

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Talk to you soon,


Let's build: Ikea hacked whiteboard stand

In betahaus we are already looking for the right whiteboard/brainstorming solution for a long time. We need something that is both, light and flexibel plus looks good without being too expensive. It seems, that we found something at Daylight that would serve our need and is easy to bild within Open Design City.

I didn't find the "Benjamin Stool" online at the ikea page, but it seems it was still in this years catalogue. Thus it should be available at the lokal Ikea. Stopping by at modulor should provide the second ingredient, the foam board.

This should be a one day thing that can happen in one of the next weeks or weekends. Anybody in? Please leave a Comment!!

Some additional images that are featured in the original blogpost at daylight below:

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