ODC Basic: Electronics

LEDs in different casings.
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Philip Steffan offers:

An introduction into basic electronics for everyone, on Thursday 7th October, 19.00-21.00:

- Quick recap: Electricity and circuits
- Cheap and easy to use electronic parts
- Enhancing your stuff with blinking things
- Prototyping and soldering
- Smart electronics and (so called) Physical Computing

Forgot what they told you in school about electronics? Want to learn
how to build little circuits for fun? Our basic Electronics course for
everyone shows you how to handle the most common parts like LEDs and
transistors and how to combine them. We'll also have a lookout on
building smart circuits with programmable micro controllers like the
Arduino. (There will be a separate class focusing on the latter.)

This is the first of our ODC Basic courses, over the coming weeks we will be offering this format as a regular event, giving you the opportunity to teach/learn the basics of any craft. If you want to schedule your own basic's event, or request one why not come to our Events Event.

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New "slot machine" workshop sign

Thanks to Axel, we have a new fun sign to greet ODC visitors:



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