Future of Synthesizers - DIY and App Workshop

The "Future of Synthesizers" workshop is from beginner to pro - feel free to try, show, mix and jam as you see fit. The more tools, the more fun. We start with a show and tell, introducing different concepts, from open source synths to iPad apps, from DIY to wearable synths. Lots of nice toys to play and experiment with. This Workshop is also a kickoff event for a series of workshops to build your very own open source synth (modular or single-tool).

Bring your own tools, drinks and friends. The workshops ends in a open jam session.

For Fête de la musique on June 21, Open Design City will present music and synth related workshops all day. This first event now is our first research in the area of all things "sound", possibly leading up to the development of our own apps and devices that will be presented and built at the fête.

Example apps (iPad):

  • ims-20
  • Korg Electribe App
  • SoundPrism
  • RJ Voyager
  • ElectroBeats
  • Funkbox
  • TouchOSC, Control

DIY Synths:

  • Audino
  • MeeBlip
  • Shruthi-1
  • Drawdio (and other simple 555 noisemakers)

The workshop is offered by ODC members Olivio and Philip.

ODC Basic Workshop: Reading Code

You found a helpful code library for your project, but you don't know how to really adapt it to your needs? Ever felt the urge to understand other people's source code? In this class, ODC's resident member Sebastian will introduce you to…

  • basic concepts of programming languages
  • all the tools that you need to understand code
  • coder's lingo: what's behind the vocabulary that coders use
  • the differences between good and bad code

If you have a specific code problem, just bring the code / the libary description and we'll find out how to solve it together!

Mesh Up Monday - knitting*sewing*textilehacking now every 4th Monday

pricture credidts: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bekathwia/3221490182/in/faves-29467858@N05/

Every 4th Monday of each month!
The new regular meeting for all kinds of needle work at the Open Design City. Come along to work on your knitting or sewing project, or get to learn knitting, sewing or other related techniques!
If you have a special request to learn something or want to teach something to us let us know in the comments on this page and we will be prepared!
Two sewing machines, some material, (knitting)needles and yarn are available for trying out stuff. You are also welcome to bring your own materials even if you don't know how to use them yet!

PS: The electronics-hacking meeting "baustelmontag" is running parallel at the same time and place - so if you are woking on a textile+electronics project (e.g. wearable electronics) MeshUpMonday is the place to be for you!

Image via flickr

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