Sewing Mushroom Throwies - Yarn Graffiti Workshop Part 2

Mushroom Throwies

Yarn throwies are small textile objects with magnets which can be thrown to ferro metallic surfaces in and out of reach. This workshop will give you the chance to learn how to sew your own mushroom-shaped yarn throwie. Take it home or well plant it public space as a soft graffiti intervention!

This workshop is a follow-up event to a previous workshop on Yarn Bombing thanks to which the Yarn Throwie was invented!

All required maretials and tools will be provided. Suitable for sewing-beginners as well as advanced textile hackers!

Workshop: September 8th, 7pm - 11pm, Open Design City

Workshop fee: 6 - 9 Euro

Questions? Mail Semi!

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Banner-bags and minimalistic teabag books! Last saturday...

Banner-bags and minimalistic teabag books!

Last saturday Trial&Error and our friends from Open Design City joined the Lange nacht der wissenschaften at the Grimm Zentrum, to make smart banner bags, minimalistic teabag books (we recently discovered its possible to write well on teabags with ink and pens) and press buttons.

The bags were made out of commercial banners, put togheter with a connector from upcycled pet-bottle tops, a design developed by Christophe Valliant. If you like the sound of this 100% upcycled bag, using no electricity and not even thread, you got a chance to join the process and make your own bag on sunday afternoon at the umweltfestival.

See you there!

Light & Heavy letter production

Last week we got a request from to help them produce a logo for their exhibition opening. After cutting the logo out of foam, the guys came up with the idea to use the left over negative pieces as molds to make concrete letters. What a a fortunate coincidence that our friends from dingfabrik where around for the concrete workshop the same night and we where able to play with the material right away.

The outcome was quite nice and might inspire you as well to make your own light or heavy letters - or participate in the next letter making workshop ...

How to make a minimalistic seat for less than 8 Eur in less than 4 min.

Sitting all day sucks, because it causes back pain sometimes. Standing all day sucks as well, because it causes tired legs after a while. So while working at ODC today, I was wondering how to solve this with a very low budget and without a lot of time. So I came up with some kind of seating I named "Stöpsel", and I thought I´d rather share it with you quickly before it get´s lost, as some kind of immediate project idea documentation. And if you want to make your own, this is how it works.

What you need to get:


  • 1 old bicycle saddle, Eur 0,00 (Fundstück)
  • 80-95 cm of roundwood, pine tree 22mm, Eur 4,00 (Bauhaus)
  • 1 plunger, Eur 3,99 (Karstadt)


  • Wrench
  • Sandpaper

What you need to do:

Remove the stick from the plunger and replace it with the roundwood. Grind down the other end of the stick to 18 mm and assemble the saddle. Push the plunger down to the floor, so it gets sucked down and the seat doesn´t slip away.


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