Member Offer: Major Laser Discount

No doubt for some of you, the possibilities of Lasers are now opening up after our experimentation with DIY Lasering.

Well now the opportunity to experiment further has just opened up for Open Design City Members. From 1 EU per minute you can produce prototypes at Lasern (just around the corner from Open Design City).

This offer is exclusive to Open Design City Members, and is only for non commercial use (i.e. prototyping and experimentation). You can cut, Wood (up to 10mm), Plexiglass (up to 15 mm), Paper, Cardboard, Fabrics, Leather, PS, PP, PET, and a host of other materials (But no metal and no PVC). This is a very good deal.

Maximum size is 950 x 600 mm

If you want to take advantage of this offer then drop by ODC and we'll give you a member slip that you can take over to Martin.

If anyone else wants to offer our members sweet deals then please send us a mail.

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