Bring your own Beer Bar @Transmediale

We've built a bar, will beer (did I really need to put a wikipedia link there?) come?

Every night at Transmediale, the Bring your own Beer Bar will be open for business. The principles are simple. You bring the beer, we look after it, and drink a little for you, by way of exchange.

The beer will be cheaper for everybody all round. If you want to add spirits and wine into this mix feel free to do so - but bring your own cups and cork screws as well :).

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Monday's the regular date for tinkerers, Arduino enthusiasts and DIY artists at Open Design City.

So, we're open from 7:30 pm (no admission) for you to bring your ideas and projects (finished or not) and meet other creative people and share your knowledge.

Every Monday night, 7:30 pm at Open Design City (betahaus, Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20).

The future will see more special nights and workshops. Also, Open Design City is still being built by its inhabitants. So if you want to get creative space-wise and wield some power tools, come by Monday night!

So far regulars include, arduino tinkerers, robot builders, knitters, and laser cutter makers

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Visit us

ODC is open Monday–Friday from
10–19h (betahaus rates apply)

Free and open DIY nights:
Every Monday from 19h.

Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20
10969 Berlin