Sewing Mushroom Throwies - Yarn Graffiti Workshop Part 2

Mushroom Throwies

Yarn throwies are small textile objects with magnets which can be thrown to ferro metallic surfaces in and out of reach. This workshop will give you the chance to learn how to sew your own mushroom-shaped yarn throwie. Take it home or well plant it public space as a soft graffiti intervention!

This workshop is a follow-up event to a previous workshop on Yarn Bombing thanks to which the Yarn Throwie was invented!

All required maretials and tools will be provided. Suitable for sewing-beginners as well as advanced textile hackers!

Workshop: September 8th, 7pm - 11pm, Open Design City

Workshop fee: 6 - 9 Euro

Questions? Mail Semi!

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basic sewing - the output

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Last weeks ODC Basic sewing workshop was fun and quite successfully completed. All participants managed to operate one of the three present sewing machines and produced a little gadget sleeve each.

Two hours time for the session were just sufficient to choose from a selection of fabrics, make the pattern, getting to know the characteristics of a sewing machine, overcoming frustration due to initial resistance of it towards their new operators and finally to hold in one hands the shining result! Unfortunately there was no time to take pictures for the documentation of this engaging process. All visual proof we can deliver are the pictures of two outcomes above this post, taken in the last minute.

As requested during this session there might be an ODC Basic workshop introducing to knitting soon. Would anyone else be interested in that? Furthermore there will be the chance to deepen your sewing skills at the ODC any time, using the ODC sewing machine. I will be happy to assist if I happen to be around!

Best! Semi


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