GRL Germany Report from tm11

GRL Germany is pleased to call Open Design City our base of operations in Berlin.  Since last autumn, we've held workshops in the space, a public talk and recently we collaborated with several ODC members to produce SVG2BVG - an analog-digital-analog stencil maker.  The project is a combination of DIY laser cutting and open source creative code - a collaboration between the forces of ingenuity, maker aesthetic, and DIY attitude present at ODC.

SVG2BVG uses a custom software application to detect graffiti tags, and writes the ensuing shape directly to GCode file, allowing it to be sent to a laser cutter… then cuts it into a stencil, sized exactly for the screens on the Berlin U-Bahn. Many have contributed to the project so far: GRL Germany (Agents Scott + RosnerSeemiramis, and Achim Kern), with Olivio SarikasChristophe Vaillant, Tristan August and with assistance from Onformative.  And of course, it is all possible because of the ODC space itself.

Although it wasn't possible to cut with a home made laser cutter in the House of World Cultures (who would have thought?), we had many people stop by to check out the work we've done so far, and we even managed to set up a few remote laser cutting sessions, connecting a distant laser cutter to HKW via Skype. Thanks to all who've been a part of the project, and if you haven't had a chance to make a stencil yet - there will be other opportunities.  Stay tuned.



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