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Enable Session VIII: Documentary from session.

This is an attempt from us to use the possibilities of web-video. We show what we do in the hope to inspire other people, get feedback, and continue to openly develop new ways to work and solve challenges together.

On this session (VIII) we were trying to envision what our future living environments will be looking like. And how, in an environmentally friendly way, can we solve our everyday life-situations.

At the next session we will be helping Unicef spreading the word on Children's rights. Let us know if you would like to take part.

Enable Berlin

Enable Session VIII: Designing Future Housing (Life Edited)

Ever wondered how houses might be looking like in the future? Do you have some great ideas about how to reduce our energy waste and environmental impact? Do you know about the latest designs, technology discoveries or strategies that will allow us to live a better life?

We are doing a session on future apartments and house design. At the same time, taking the opportunity to present the concepts to the contest presented by Graham Hill (Treehugger) at Jovoto: Live Edited.

A great opportunity to research in things that matter to us, and get some cash* on the side!

House like a Tree by William McDonough + Partners

At our next session we will run a design thinking process on the Brief to find out concepts that are Human Centred and offer a real difference to us and our environment. And, although we want to do it around Graham's brief, we do not want to be restricted by it, we really want to find the greatest concepts for a better living. Continue reading →
We are already collecting inspirations, so if you know something that might help on the topic, please send it to us, we will share it with all the participants!

If you are interested in the topic and want to come to our next session, please send us an email to enableberlin (at) gmail (dot) com. (for this session we need to know in advance who is coming) and come to Session VIII, Wednesday 17th of December at 19:30, in Open Design City.

Liebe Grusse

*Everybody that wants to take the concepts forward and submit proposals to Jovoto is very welcome to do so, either as individuals or teaming up with other participants.
What we ask is that if you win, you will give a share to every participants, and another share to Enable Berlin so that we can continue to develop this platform.

** If you would like to see how we did it in our last session check Enable Berlin Session VI


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