The International Festival For Creators - Open Call For Collaboration


Collaborative international event Aiming to present a festival combining physical and online participation
With: Artists, Philosophers, Designers, Institutions – various strata of society participating together.

Our objectives:
+Find and share new values for social integration, break down walls of exclusion.
+Take conscience of the possibilities for Sustainable Open Content Collaboration

How many creations could we find in the world every day that inspire other people?
If you think you are able to create and share inspiration, come to the calling event to become part of this project. Unite forces with artists, researchers, creators and professors:

.With ideas and dreams presented in artworks to be integrated into public spaces
.With special workshops for youth in communities as an integration tool
.With musical participations from renowned artists
.With multiple exhibitions around the globe linked to the project
.With technological and philosophical conferences discussing new ideas of progress
.With the inclusion of visitors as a direct part of the project presentations

We would like to reinforce and expand our team so as to share:
Ideas about Sustainable Open Content Collaboration
Open exchanges of free knowledge

We are openly brainstorming ideas and looking for different perspectives concerning what Values we have today, and how we can enforce new values by integrating people from different social strata and work together into a shared goal:

Conscience of the possibilities of Open Content Collaborations Search for Sustainability

Objectives to focus on within the open calling for collaboration event also include:

. Project Sponsoring.
. Project Sustainability.
.Web development, to interconnect collaborations from the world over via a networking platform (thus also obtaining  an online form of continuity)
. Artist, designers, creators sharing ideas related the project
. Free knowledge sharing, open workshops for youth in communities
. Community skills, re-evaluating the constitution of hierarchies as we know them
. Architects translating the artistic creations into public spaces
. Multilingual Communication in an effort to extend the community trust (translation and proof-reading)
. Team Organisation (definition of roles, horizontal organisation)
. Project Organisation (global linking of the projects)
. Network building (gathering relevant contacts in administration, sponsoring, media, etc.)

If you feel related to these words, if you are a creator, and if you are interested:
We'll be introducing our philosophy of work, along with the artists already involved
and the possibilities for expansion.

For inquiries please contact

Juan Matias Schüttenberg
(+49) 017678195966


Visit us

ODC is open Monday–Friday from
10–19h (betahaus rates apply)

Free and open DIY nights:
Every Monday from 19h.

Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20
10969 Berlin